Osama Strikes at the Heart of the Empire

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Recently by Jack D. Douglas: The US Is Editing ‘The Killing of Osama’ Film


The U.S. massive campaign of propaganda based on their claims that a U.S. Seal killed Osama bin Laden has wound up driving another stake through the heart of the U.S. Empire by driving another huge wedge between the U..S. and the erstwhile puppet regime of Pakistan.

Pakistanis from the top to the bottom are furious at the blatant U.S. invasion and murder of people who were citizens or residents of Pakistan. The U.S. admits and says with smirks of vanity that they did this on a 55-45 bet that it was bin-Laden in that house. Obama admits with a smirk of pride that, had it been a retired Arab, there would have been lots of trouble from this. Of course, the Obama fires Hellfire missiles into Pakistani homes and kills women and children routinely on much lower odds of "success," as all Pakistanis are aware. This American terrorism enrages them. Doing it again and bragging on global TV about how brave and virtuous the boys and girls in D.C. were to do this one enrages them far more.

This has so enraged the Pakistani officials that their secret police, the ISI, has outted the U.S. secret police station chief hiding out in Pakistan and overseeing these murders and much more.

As usual, the Pakistani outrage has outraged the U.S. which feels that everyone in the world should kowtow to U.S. imperial wishes and murders, so now the U.S. is threatening to ground Pakistan and cut off their CIA allowances, very much as a tyrannical father might do to a disobedient first grader, which will drive the stake and the wedge deeper.

I can’t imagine why, but Pakistanis do not seem to enjoy being kicked around as trash in their own nation by the U.S. and its Death Squads. Hey, didn’t the U.S. buy and pay for their bodies and souls, just like they would do with whores? How dare they be outraged over U.S. Death Squads in Pakistan! What kinds of whores are they anyway?

Regardless, it seems clear that, If the U.S. actually killed Osama or are merely pretending to have done so, Osama just might have the last laugh in this movie on "The Killing Of Osama."

Jack D. Douglas [send him mail] is a retired professor of sociology from the University of California at San Diego. He has published widely on all major aspects of human beings, most notably The Myth of the Welfare State.

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