When Liars Murder a Dead Man

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by Becky Akers: Ron
Paul’s ‘Liberty Defined’



Let us pretend
for a moment that the United States' government – which we've
caught in lethal lie
after lie,
whose financial
credit is as shaky
as the that of the homeowners its malfeasance
forced into foreclosure, and whose worldwide
empire relies on deception, torture and secret prisons

is finally and unprecedentedly telling the truth.

This blatantly
unreliable source has long insisted that Osama bin Laden was the
brains and bank behind 9/11. It now further alleges that despite
his death
or at least renal
and other
poor health
, he nonetheless flourished in Pakistan. U.S.
Navy Seals killed him
there in a firefight Sunday.

I'm trying to figure out exactly which legal, constitutionally declared
war counts him as a casualty. Because otherwise, the Feds murdered

for the American Empire might finesse the crime as an u201Cexecution.u201D
But for what? No court of law ever tried or convicted Osama for
9/11's atrocities; indeed, the Feds
are unable to convince a substantial percentage of their own subjects

that he pulled off the attack, so how likely is it their u201Cevidenceu201D
would have withstood a jury's scrutiny?

I'm also trying
– but sadly failing – to understand why it's wrong for
someone to have murdered 3,000 folks on 9/11 but heroic for the
Feds to murder Osama, three men, and one woman on 5/1
, let alone
all the
others their illegal, unconstitutional wars have massacred.

politicians who smeared anyone protesting their communism a few
years ago as a u201C
u201D now tar us as u201C[in]decentu201D for questioning their
right to murder — or the fact that they murdered at all, given the
lack of a body.

This according
to that arbiter of decency, Mike Huckabee. Perhaps your parents
raised you to believe no decent person speaks ill of the dead or
glories in the eternal damnation of a human being; Mike apparently
missed that lesson: u201CToday
Americans and decent people
the world over cheer the news that
madman, murderer and terrorist Osama Bin Laden is dead,u201D he gloated.
u201C… It has taken a long time for this monster to be brought to justice.
Welcome to hell, bin Laden.u201D

But that's
not all: Mike's happy Our Rulers u201Cbroughtu201D u201Cthis monsteru201D u201Cto justice.u201D
He thereby warbles a common chorus. Also rejoicing at the u201Cjusticeu201D
of murder are Comrade
; Mr. Neocon Himself, Rudy
; our former fhrer, George
Bush; playboy Bill Clinton
; and corporatist Speaker
of the House John Boehner

Another guy
thrilled with the U.S.'s decline from u201Cland of the freeu201D to u201Chome
of the Godfathersu201D is Tim Pawlenty, the presidential
who wants a shot at all of us after dictating to Minnesotans:
is terrific news
for freedom and justice. … Today, justice is
done, but the fight against radical Islamic terrorism is not yet

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6, 2011

Akers [send her mail] writes
primarily about the American Revolution.

Best of Becky Akers

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