The Truth About Churchill, Truman, FDR, Wilson, and Trotsky

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The problem with the history we are taught in schools is that it is taught by instructors with an interventionist bent using history books based on interventionist theories. It is hard to sift through the nonsense to create a clear picture, since in many cases key facts are distorted or omitted.

Being the curious type, I have imagined that, if I were a billionaire, one thing I would do is find someone who was very intelligent, could write well, and understood the importance of liberty and say to this person, "Look, you have 10 years, 20 years, whatever it takes, study the 20th Century for me then write a report about what the world wars were about and what the leaders were really like. Tell me who the real bastards were and how the world got into these wars."

I no longer dream of the day I will be able to put such a person under my employ to find the truth. The report has been written. Great Wars & Great Leaders: A Libertarian Rebuttal, the collected writings of Ralph Raico, provides all the important details of the 20th Century world wars. It details how the wars came about, and reveals the truth about the ruthless leaders that are responsible for millions upon millions of deaths.

Forget whatever else you are reading, this is the book you need to read now. It is informed, intelligent writing with wit. Most important, it reveals the truth about the 20th century great wars, by a man who understands liberty.

In the foreward, Robert Higgs tells us that Raico attended Ludwig von Mises’s famous seminar at New York University and also completed his dissertation at the University of Chicago under F.A. Hayek. He was also a friend of Murray Rothbard’s. Enough said for credentials on understanding the value of liberty. You will see that understanding clearly shine through in this book.

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