A Dearth of Depraved Dames

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by Becky Akers: EPIC



In its quixotic
quest to protect us from expectant
, survivors
of cancer
, and folks
hustling to make their flights
, the Transportation Security
Administration (TSA) has painted itself into a corner. Apparently,
it employs lopsided proportions of men and women because more of
the former than the latter are willing to grope groins for pay.

Yes, this
reverses the stereotype of prostitution as a woman's crime. But
it also undermines one of the very few "important
" the TSA magnanimously grants in exchange for stripping
every Constitutional protection from us: "All
pat-downs [sic for u2018sexual assaults'] are only
by same-gender officers [sic for u2018assailants']."

Add to this
imbalance the likelihood that the Thousands of so-called men Standing
Around the checkpoints "randomly" select more buxom or
attractive female than male passengers to paw. Even if they don't
manhandle the victims themselves, anecdotal evidence confirms they
and leer.

And so while
the lines of women awaiting molestation grow ever longer, the supply
of thuggettes dishing it out grows shorter. Or, as the Washington
Post editorializes
in its "Local" news, "Building
a diverse workforce has become a mantra, hopefully not a hollow
one, for organizations in the public and private sectors. For the
Transportation Security Administration, gender diversity is more
than a goal, it's an absolute necessity. … what happens when there
are too few female TSOs [sic for u2018assailants'] to handle"
— ha, ha! What a punster! — "the load of female passengers?
The answer at Washington Dulles International Airport and others
across the country has been to transfer female screeners [sic
for u2018assailants'] from baggage inspections to passenger lines."

I know your
heart will bleed as does mine for Our Mistresses when you learn
of their suffering from this decision: "Placing
women on the passenger lines
might seem like a reasonable solution
to the staffing problem, but it has ramifications for seniority,
transfers, promotions and pay. … [It] also complicates … bidding
for shifts. All the women at Dulles, for example, would have to
bid for checkpoint shifts, while men could bid for shifts in baggage
and checkpoint. One result could be an exacerbation of child-care
problems for women."

Ironic, isn't
it? Perverts caught sexually assaulting their sisters outside airports
usually forfeit their children to the State; those molesting us
inside airports enjoy the WaPo's concern about their "child-care

Other parties
equally unsavory also bewail this injustice to female slime. Labor
unions that couldn't care less about the TSA's gate-rape exploit
the agency's newest insult to the rapists. The TSA "'forces
[women] into a single-function capacity as opposed to dual- function,
as they were before,' said Valyria Lewis, a Memphis TSO speaking
in her role as president of AFGE Local 555, which covers [sic
for u2018curses'] Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama. u2018It
limits their marketability to other airports.'" Aaawwwwww.

Valyria's union
brings us to the reason that Congress authorized the TSA in the
first place, despite the agency's endless violations of the US Constitution.
Joseph and Susan Trento explain in Unsafe
at Any Altitude: Exposing the Illusion of Aviation Security

that a "government labor union …was pressuring Democrats
such as former representative Richard Gephardt to support a huge
federalized workforce to replace the private screeners." They
quote Kenneth Quinn, formerly an attorney with the FAA, who noted,
"…you had a federal union that really wanted fifty-five thousand
jobs, a very powerful PAC, and they are, like, 95 percent Democratic…They
saw it as a great opportunity to get a bunch more members into a
federal government union."

But the leg-breakers
had to wait until a socialist Democratic administration replaced
a socialist Republican one to realize their ambition. Then, bingo:
John "The Pervert" Pistole, "TSA
Administrator … announced
that after an exhaustive review of
data … [blah, blah, blah], he has decided to grant partial collective
bargaining rights to the TSA workforce." Next time a deviant
abuses you at the airport, grab a unionist and thank him.

Valyria is
everything we might expect from someone doubly degenerate, a savage
who not only sexually attacks others but bosses a union's local
chapter, too. These twin vices apparently leave her no time for
exercise, judging from her intimidating
. Nor does she disappoint when it comes to aggression or
belligerence. In short, I feel exceedingly sorry for any suitcase,
even if it's a Samsonite, forced to endure Valyria's attentions,
let alone a woman of mere flesh and blood.

the TSA's "schedule
change based on gender
" called all of Valyria's very limited
eloquence into play. “It’s just un-American,” splutters
this harridan
. And she should know: she makes her living off
perhaps the most un-American behavior Leviathan has ever unleashed.
“As a woman, I was outraged.”

Valyria, we
hear you. Anyone of even minimal decency has nearly choked on his
outrage each time you and your accomplices assailed another passenger
for almost a decade now. A very, very long decade, I might

Our nincompoop
to Nashville
this week over concerns about a memo [regarding
the u2018schedule change based on gender'] posted behind glass at Nashville
International." Whether she refers to the trip or the memo
when she huffs, “It was desperation. It was anger. It was a feeling
of helplessness and hopelessness because they felt that they had
no other outlet," I have no idea. Nor is there any clue as
to who "they" are. But I warned you about the limits to
the eloquence here, didn't I?

No matter.
Valyria is the sort who endlessly, mindlessly spews. “As a woman,
it’s frustrating for me, to tell me that I can’t [search baggage].
To simply just tell me that I can’t because I’m a woman; that’s
frustrating to me," — yeah, so you said — "and that’s
why I make the stand.”

Imagine being
such a mental and moral midget that you consider this a "stand."

fought EEO cases
for women across the country and won those
cases because the TSA can’t use operational need to justify an alleged
discrimination,' said Lewis. … 'We’re willing to fight it all the
way to the end…'"

You go, girl!
For sure, the TSA deserves nothing less!

6, 2011

Akers [send her mail] writes
primarily about the American Revolution.

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