5 Countries With the Lowest Risk of Disaster

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by Simon Black

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Watching the events unfold in Japan and Libya has probably given a lot of people reason to consider their own safety, wherever they live. “What if that happened where I live?” is a perfectly natural question to ask when faced with wall-to-wall coverage of horrible devastation.

It’s true that no place is perfect, and there are always going to be some risks wherever you are in the world, whether it’s California, Indonesia, or London… but if you’ve been thinking about a move overseas, and the events in Japan and Libya have you wondering which countries run the lowest risk of destruction, read on.

* To be clear, what follows is not an exhaustive list, just a few countries that stand out as being particularly low risk for destructive natural disasters, nuclear meltdown, terrorism, or Qadaffi tactics.

1) Uruguay. This fairly small nation in South America is home to few, if any, natural disasters. There is occasional flooding, but not the sort of thing that makes international headlines for its massive destruction. There are no earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanic activity, etc. There are also no nuclear plants in the country.

Uruguay also has a small, ethnically homogeneous population with a poorly funded government that’s incapable of financing totalitarian control of its people. Uruguay’s fascist military government is part of its unfortunate past, not its brighter future.

2) Poland. Devoid of any nuclear power plants, Poland also suffers negligible natural hazards except for a biting winter cold. The country has a strong, thriving economy and barely felt the effects of the global recession – if the US caught the flu, Poland had a minor case of the sniffles.

Poland’s government is well-funded, however as a former communist nation, Polish society stands firmly against any hit of authoritarianism. Poland also has limited exposure to the Islamic immigration crisis that is plaguing much of Western Europe.

3) Singapore. In terms of natural disasters, Singapore is in the fortunate position of being encased by Borneo on one side and Malaysia to the other. As such, any typhoon or tsunami activity goes through those locations first. By the time they get to Singapore, it’s a tame tropical depression with great surf conditions.

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