Senior Fed Economist: People Are Calling Me Names

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Recently by Robert Wenzel: Senior Fed Economist Calls Ron Paul a Pinhead


Following my analysis of St Louis Federal Reserve economist David Andolfatto’s absurd attack on Ron Paul, Andolfatto has pulled down his post Ron Paul’s Money Illusion. He says he has done so for the following reason:

I’ve taken down my post entitled "Ron Paul’s Money Illusion" because it seems to have provoked mindless rage rather than thoughtful debate.

I’m not sure what he is calling mindless rage, but I remind readers that in the attack on Ron Paul, which he has now pulled, he calls Congressman Paul a pinhead and says the Congressman’s argument, that a 95% plus decline in the value of the dollar is destructive, is a "stupid argument."

I can’t wait for his new column where he promises to write more carefully and where he promises to include data that will prove a 95% plus loss in value of the dollar is no big deal.

BTW: Although he has pulled his attack article on Ron Paul from his site, it remains up at the Wall Street Pit.

Reprinted with permission from Economic Policy Journal.

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