Bernanke’s Foreign Mercenary

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Recently by Robert Wenzel: Fed Economist: People Are Calling Me Names, So I Am Taking Down the Post Where I Called Ron Paul a Pinhead Who Is Making StupidArguments


Based on data from the Facebook page of Federal Reserve economist David Andolfatto, it appears that Andolfatto, who criticized Ron Paul for decrying the destruction of the value of the dollar by the Federal Reserve, is not an American. In an email to me, he indicates he can not vote in the United States.

According to Andolfatto’s Facebook page, he went to North Surrey Secondary School in Surrey, British Columbia. On the page, Andolfatto also lists Vancouver, British Columbia as where he is from.

I welcome intellectual arguments from anywhere in the world, but there is something extra peculiar about a Canadian on the payroll of the Fed attacking the opinions of a U.S. congressman. Has Bernanke stooped to hiring foreign mercenaries?

Reprinted with permission from Economic Policy Journal.

2011 Economic Policy Journal

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