Why I Pick on Republicans

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So, the Republicans
are back in control of the Congress again. Ho-hum. Time to start
writing about the Republicans again.

I haven’t always
picked on Republicans. In fact, I used to be one, faithfully voting
for all the Republicans on the ballot to keep those evil Democrats
out of office. As a conservative who had never been exposed to libertarianism,
I was a Republican by default. Oh, the political ignorance of youth!

I remember
taking a political survey in seventh or eighth grade in which I
scored, I think, an 8 out of 10, with 1 being extreme liberal and
10 being extreme conservative. Obviously, it wasn’t the World’s
Smallest Political Quiz
. I suppose it was on the basis of that
survey that I considered myself a conservative. I don’t remember
any political discussions at home growing up.

The first election
in which I was old enough to vote was in 1980, but I don’t remember
voting or even being registered until perhaps the 1982 midterm elections.
Even so, I really don’t remember in which election years I voted
and in which ones I didn’t. I think the last time I voted as a frustrated,
libertarian-leaning conservative and still somewhat ignorant Republican
was for Bush the elder against Clinton in 1992. I didn’t care much
for Bush, but he was a Republican and Clinton was a Democrat.

Now I don’t
just not vote; I make it a point not to vote. I must
confess, however, that I did violate this principle on two occasions,
but not my conscience. A county in Florida I lived in had an extra
1.5 percent discretionary sales tax surtax. There was a vote in
the county to extend the 1 percent portion of the tax for another
ten years. I voted against it. It passed anyway; that is, the majority
of the voters in the county voted themselves a tax increase. Go
figure. The other time I voted was for Ron Paul in the Republican
presidential primary. I felt dirty having to switch my voter registration
from Independent to Republican, but it felt good to vote for Dr.
Paul. I switched my registration back to Independent as soon as
I cast my vote. This was the first and only time I actually voted
for someone instead of just voting against someone.

Although I
don’t vote, I do follow and write about politics, and especially
Republican politics. Because I often write about the lies, hypocrisy,
and evil doings of the Republican
, I get two kinds of negative e-mail. First are the nasty
e-mails from conservatives castigating me for being – along with
things like a communist piece of s**t – a Democrat, a liberal, a
left-winger, or a leftist. The second kind is from those who criticize
me for not writing about the lies, hypocrisy, and evil doings of
the Democratic Party. This group may even share some of my criticisms
of the Republican Party, but I am picking on Republicans, they say.

To the first
group I would say that I have never been a member of or voted for
a member of the Democratic Party in my life. I think the last good
Democratic president was Grover
. True, I rarely criticize the Democratic Party, but
not because I have anything but utter contempt for it. The socialist
and statist policies of the Democratic Party are well known. It
is the party of liberalism, socialism, feminism, collectivism, abortion,
organized labor, big government, environmentalism, affirmative action,
welfare, paternalism, taxing and spending, income redistribution,
and every alternative lifestyle known to man. The Democrats are
evil, but they are predictably, dependably, and consistently evil.
The conservatives who mistake me for a Democrat are many times warmongers
who think that to oppose imperialism, militarism, war, and empire
means that one is a liberal. On this fallacy see “Anti-war
Stance Is Right, Not Left
,” by Gary Benoit of the as-far-from-liberal-as-you-can-get
John Birch Society.

To the second
group I would first say all of the above that I said about the Democrats
and then add that although Republicans claim to be for free trade,
free markets, free enterprise, capitalism, the Constitution, smaller
government, less intrusive government, fiscal responsibility, lower
taxes, etc. – they show by their actions that they are merely using
libertarian rhetoric to get elected and reelected. They want a government
limited to one controlled by Republicans. As powerfully argued by
about the Republicans:

liberty is the utopia that they keep promising to bring us, pending
the higher priority of blowing up foreign peoples, jailing political
dissidents, crushing the left wing on campus, and routing the
Democrats. Once all of this is done, they say, then they will
get to the instituting of a free-market economic system. Of course,
that day never arrives, and it is not supposed to. Capitalism
serves the Republicans the way Communism served Stalin: a symbolic
distraction to keep you hoping, voting, and coughing up money.

If you have
any doubt then listen to what Representative Mike Pence, former
chairman of the House Republican Conference, said before the recent
midterm election:

What I’ve
said is there will be no compromise on ending this era of runaway
spending, deficits and debt. No compromise on repealing Obamacare
lock, stock and barrel. No compromise on defending the broad mainstream
values of the American people in the way we spend the people’s
money at home and abroad. On issues that go straight to principle
and straight to the concern the American people have on spending
and taxes and values, there’ll be no compromise.

I have just
one question for Mr. Pence: Where were you during the Bush era of
“runaway spending, deficits and debt”? I’ll tell you where
he was, he was voting for Republican runaway spending, deficits,
and debt. What makes the Republicans worse than the Democrats is
that Democrats don’t masquerade as advocates of smaller and less
intrusive government. They openly call for increased government
intervention in the economy and society.

Another reason
I pick on Republicans is because they are the biggest supporters
of war, militarism, imperialism, and empire. When was the last time
a pro-life Republican ever expressed concern for the life of any
foreigner killed by U.S. bombs and bullets?

There is only
one thing you can be sure of that Republicans won’t compromise on:
their devotion to war and an aggressive, interventionist foreign
policy. Speaking recently at the American Enterprise Institute,
South Carolina Republican senator Lindsey
called for war with Iran. The Republican victory in the
midterm election will not change anything when it comes to foreign
policy. Some races were still undecided when Republicans began calling
for more
bloodshed in Afghanistan

Why do I pick
on Republicans? They deserve it, that’s why. America is quickly
becoming a fascist police state, thanks in a great measure to Republicans
and their PATRIOT ACT, Department of Homeland Security, war on terror,
TSA, and war on drugs. Instead of complaining about Democratic legislation
passed during the last two years, Republicans in Congress should
look in the mirror.

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