What WikiLeaks Revealed to the World in 2010

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this year I’ve devoted substantial attention to WikiLeaks, particularly
in the last four weeks as calls for its destruction intensified.
To understand why I’ve done so, and to see what motivates the increasing
devotion of the U.S. Government and those influenced by it to destroying
that organization, it’s well worth reviewing exactly what WikiLeaks
exposed to the world just in the last year: the breadth of the corruption,
deceit, brutality and criminality on the part of the world’s most
powerful factions.

As revealing
as the disclosures themselves are, the reactions to them have been
equally revealing. The vast bulk of the outrage has been devoted
not to the crimes that have been exposed but rather to those who
exposed them: WikiLeaks and (allegedly) Bradley Manning. A consensus
quickly emerged in the political and media class that they are Evil
Villains who must be severely punished, while those responsible
for the acts they revealed are guilty of nothing. That reaction
has not been weakened at all even by the
Pentagon’s own admission
that, in stark contrast to its own
actions, there is no evidence – zero – that any of WikiLeaks’
actions has caused even a single death. Meanwhile, the American
establishment media – even in the face of all these revelations
– continues to insist on the contradictory, Orwellian platitudes
that (a) there is Nothing New™ in anything disclosed by WikiLeaks
and (b) WikiLeaks has done Grave Harm to American National Security™
through its disclosures.

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1, 2011

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