Leading Conservatives Openly Support a Terrorist Group

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Imagine if
a group of leading American liberals met on foreign soil with –
and expressed vocal support for – supporters of a terrorist group
that had (a) a long history of hateful anti-American rhetoric, (b)
an active role in both the takeover of a U.S. embassy and Saddam
Hussein’s brutal 1991 repression of Iraqi Shiites, (c) extensive
financial and military support from Saddam, (d) multiple acts of
violence aimed at civilians, and (e) years of being designated a
"Terrorist organization" by the U.S. under Presidents
of both parties, a designation which is ongoing? The ensuing uproar
and orgies of denunciation would be deafening.

But on December
23, a group of leading conservatives – including Rudy Giuliani
and former Bush officials Michael Mukasey, Tom Ridge, and Fran Townsend
exactly that
. In Paris, of all places, they appeared at a forum
organized by supporters of the Mujaheddin-e Khalq (MEK) – a
group declared by the U.S. since 1997 to be "terrorist organization"
– and expressed wholesale support for that group. Worse –
on foreign soil – they vehemently criticized their own country’s
opposition to these Terrorists and specifically "demanded that
Obama instead take the [] group off the U.S. list of foreign terrorist
organizations and incorporate it into efforts to overturn the mullah-led
government in Tehran." In other words, they are calling on
the U.S. to embrace this Saddam-supported, U.S.-hating Terrorist
group and recruit them to help overthrow the government of Iran.
To a foreign audience, Mukasey denounced his own country’s opposition
to these Terrorists as "nothing less than an embarrassment."

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6, 2011

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