Mainstream Press Journalism of Appeasement, Corruption, Smoke and Mirrors

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a brief summation of my recent reporting: If we continue to let
our politicians and wealthy members of society live in comfort,
free from the consequences of their actions, we are complicit in
our own demise.

Our country
is so overrun with corruption, we cannot remain passive and expect
things to get any better.

The economy
is propped up by smoke and mirrors and will inevitably collapse.
Without immediately breaking up the banks and holding the thieves
accountable, we will continue on our downward spiral with increasingly
severe and devastating consequences.

These are extremely
unpleasant truths that we are now forced to confront. We have to
act now. If you are not calling for revolution or organizing, you
are either unaware of what’s happening around you, horribly
naïve or a fascist sympathizer.

In response
to statements like those above, I’ve been exchanging emails
with colleagues (journalists and news editors) who have become “uncomfortable”
with my reporting style and been saying some variation of the following:
“You’re being too radical. This is too extreme for us
to publish.”

While I appreciate
their opinions, I want to make something 100% clear. I am fully
aware that these words are harsh, and may turn off some people.
However, in extreme times, telling the truth will make you sound
extreme. Ultimately, I don’t mind if you think I sound “too
extreme,” I don’t care if I make people “uncomfortable,”
or if, in your opinion, I’ve become “too radical.”
Try telling that to the 52 million Americans who are now living
in poverty. Tell that to the millions of American families who have
lost their homes and jobs. Tell that to the 59 million people who
can’t afford health insurance. Tell that to the overwhelming
majority of the population who are stressed out, living paycheck
to paycheck, buried in debt they will never get out of and desperately
struggling to make ends meet.

Try telling
that to all the people who have emailed me explaining their dire
situations due to this economic crisis. Tell that to all the people
I personally know who have taken major pay cuts.

I will not
participate in the journalism of appeasement.

What has to
happen for you to stop being a status quo supporting naïve
journalist and realize that we are in the middle of a war? More
accurately, it is a slaughter. An all-time record-breaking slaughter.

I refuse to
“normalize the unthinkable.”

a list of stats that I am sure you are already extremely sick of
hearing, what we have already passively accepted as “the new
normal,” some new ALL-TIME RECORDS for you:

  • 3 million
    families foreclosed upon;
  • 30 million
    people in need of employment;
  • 43 million
    people on food stamps;
  • 52 million
    people in poverty;
  • 59 million
    people without healthcare;
  • 239 million
    living paycheck to paycheck;
  • $144 billion
    in Wall Street bonuses;
  • $13 Trillion
    in investible wealth within 1% of US population.

Ask yourself
this question: How sick and depraved of a society do you have to
live in to get an outcome like this?

We now have
the highest and most severe inequality of wealth in the history
of the United States. We have witnessed an economic shock and awe
campaign, acts of financial terrorism have impoverished tens of
millions of people and put our future prospects in an urgently dire
situation. We know who is responsible for it, yet nothing is done
to hold them accountable, and most astounding of all, the people
responsible for this (a financial terrorism network) are still in

This is the
largest criminal racket in world history. We need prosecutions under
the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, right

Another important
point in response to emails that I get: when I write that Obama
is a puppet, some people still get upset with me. Are you kidding
me? What kind of president allows this to happen without holding
people accountable? What kind of president allows our tax dollars
to be taken and handed out as all-time record-breaking bonuses while
we have an all-time record-breaking number of people living in poverty?
What kind of president puts career-long preeminent economic imperialists
Tim Geithner and Larry Summers in charge of our economy, and supports
Ben Bernanke’s reconfirmation as Fed Chairman? This is all
absurd and inexcusable! These three people would be in prison if
we lived in a nation ruled by law. Obama is a bullshit artist –
Period, Full Stop.

This is a quintessential
banana republic ruled by a puppet president. If that truth is too
much for you to handle, stop reading this right now and go retreat
into your “reality TV” world while you still can.

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1, 2011

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