Young People: Get Ready to Grab Your Ankles

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by Simon Black: This
Is Definitely Worth 4 Minutes of YourTime



If you’re
reading this and under 30, let me be absolutely clear about one
indubitable point: your government is going to sacrifice your future
in order to pay for its own mistakes from the past.

To give you
an example, students in London came out to the streets in droves
last Friday to protest the British parliament’s most recent
austerity measures which tripled the cap on their university tuition
to $15,000.

Sure, Britain
is imposing all sorts of austerity measures on its citizens…
and while I won’t get into a discussion about the absurdity
of government controlled education, I will point out that students
are having their benefits cut far more drastically than any other
segment of the population.

Are pensioners
seeing their costs triple? No. Are middle-aged workers seeing 50%
tax hikes? No. Aside from the very small segment of high-income
earners who will be forever robbed and pillaged of their wealth,
the younger generation is next in line to receive the butt end of
the crisis fallout.

Younger folks
have comparatively lower incomes, benefits, job opportunities, and
political clout than their seniors, yet they are increasingly expected
to assume a disproportionately larger burden of the consequences
of government folly.

It’s the
younger generation that is called on to go fight and die in pointless
wars in faraway lands; it’s the younger generation that is
forced to assume the debts of their forefathers; and it’s the
younger generation that gets relegated to the back rows of the political
amphitheater and dismissed by the establishment.

retirees aren’t seeing massive benefits cuts, and middle-aged
wage earners income earners are being protected from above by politicians.
In fact, let’s take a minute and look at the looming fate of
the average young person today:

1) Your government-run
university tuition is going to go through the roof, saddling you
with unfathomable debt before you even enter the world as an adult;

2) Once you
graduate, you’ll be the last in the hiring queue;

3) If you do
get hired, you’ll be the lowest on the totem pole and the first
to be let go when tough times befall your business;

4) Once the
labor market eventually stabilizes, you’ll enter your prime
earning years with some of the highest tax rates ever seen as your
government continues to cannibalize your generation to pay off its
largess and indebted entitlement programs that benefited older generations;

5) For your
entire working life, you’ll pay into a pension system that
is going to be bankrupt by the time you’re qualified to draw
on it;

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