How to Help Your Friends and Family See the Truth

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by Simon Black: Young
People: Get Ready to Grab YourAnkles



One of my favorite
movies is the Matrix. I remember when it came out over 11 years
ago, my best friend went to go see it. He called me immediately
afterward and said, “I just saw the Matrix.
You need to stop whatever you’re doing and come see this movie
with me right now.”

Sure enough,
the movie was spectacular… and if you haven’t seen it,
you should check it out. The action sequences and special effects
were mind-blowing for that era of filmmaking, but what really made
this movie timelessly brilliant was its philosophy.

In the movie,
the main character ‘Neo’ recognizes that the world he’s
living in is based on lies and misdirection. He know’s that
something is wrong, but he’s not exactly sure what, or why.

Neo is given
a choice. On one hand, he can find out the truth, nomatter how ugly
it may be – this is represented by a red pill. On the other
hand, he can go back to blissful ignorance, which is represented
by a blue pill.

He chooses
the red pill… and the true nature of the real world isn’t
like anything he had imagined.

Seeking out
the truth is a scary proposition for most people; finding out that
many of our core institutions and beliefs are built on a mountain
of lies is unsettling, and it goes against basic human instincts
like acceptance and security.

Choosing to
ignore the truth, however, is like going up against a force of nature.
You might be able to sustain a city under sea level or at the foot
of a rumbling volcano for a while… but at some point, mother
nature is going to wash everything away with one awesome display
of power.

the truth can kept at bay for a very long time. Politicians and
institutions can pass off their lies and corruption as reality for
decades, centuries if necessary. But like a great storm, the truth
will eventually surface and wash away their fraud.

People who
maintain an open mind and choose to seek out the truth early can
get ahead of the storm. People who refuse to acknowledge the obvious
facts around them will get caught up in the tidal wave.

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