ALERT: Elitist Bankers and Congressional Leadership Are Plotting to Stop Ron Paul

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by Robert Wenzel: Disappearing
Bank Accounts



With Republican control of the House, Ron Paul, as senior member
of the House Financial Services subcommittee that oversees monetary
policy, is scheduled to become chairman of that subcommittee.

The banking elitists that were
thrown billions upon billions
by Ben Bernanke and the Federal
Reserve sure don’t want the real supervision that Ron Paul would
bring. And they are plotting.

Phil Mattingly and Robert Schmidt at Newsweek:

Officials at several major banks have privately raised concerns
with Republican leaders that, by allowing Paul to become a chairman,
his radical views would gain legitimacy, according to three bank
lobbyists…Five GOP leadership aides, speaking anonymously because
a decision isn’t final, say incoming House Speaker John Boehner
has discussed ways to prevent Paul from becoming chairman or to
keep him on a tight leash if he does.

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4, 2010

Economic Policy Journal

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