Who Killed JFK? List of Suspects Made by Secretary of Assassinated President Goes Up for Auction

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The former
secretary of President John F. Kennedy made a list of suspects she
believed were behind his assassination immediately after he was
gunned down in Texas.

As she flew
home on Air Force One Evelyn Lincoln jotted down the names of those
she suspected were behind the killing.

They included
Richard Nixon and the country’s vice president Lyndon Johnson.

She also named
the Klu Klux Klan, the CIA and Communists as she mulled over who
could have ordered the assassination.

Her thoughts
were scribbled down on a single sheet of paper.

The never-before-seen
note is now up for sale and is expected to go for more than £20,000
at an auction next week.

JFK’s assassination
in 1963 has long been the subject of conspiracy theories, ranging
from those behind the murder to doubts about the lone assassin theory.

But even before
those conspiracies were aired Lincoln had her own suspicions.

She was riding
in the motorcade with Kennedy when he was shot dead by Lee Harvey
Oswald in Dallas, Texas.

Lincoln jotted
down names of people she suspected could have been behind the killing,
starting with Lyndon Johnson.

He took over
from JFK after the murder that shocked the world.

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13, 2010

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