The National Tamper-Proof ID Card Scam – Watch Out!

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by Paul Huebl: We
Must Stop TSA Tyranny Now



It’s a
plan that has the full support of confused, so-called Conservatives
like Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly. The concept is to have
a government issued, tamper-proof, picture ID card for every man,
woman and child in America.

On its face
it sounds like a great way to control immigration, entitlement and
voter fraud. It will do none of those things.

The government
has redundantly thrown every obstacle possible in the way of immigration
enforcement for the lifetimes of most Americans. Police will never
be allowed to demand that ID card as they can now do with a driver’s
license of a person driving a car. There will never be an Identification
card requirement for voters unless we repeal or re-write the Voting
Rights Act.

The government
will always exempt those people living on the margins of society
and exemption from the ID card requirement as they have always done.

The national
ID card in just another big government program that provides a false
promise of safety and security, in exchange for your hard won liberty
and privacy.

What will happen
is there will be a grand single database for every responsible taxpaying
Americans for government agents to use and abuse. It will keep track
of everyone with current photographs along with the requirement
of proof of their physical address. Everyone means only those willing
to comply with the ID card requirement.

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2, 2010

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