Homeland Security Recruiting Neighborhood Busybodies as Informants

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by Paul Huebl: The
National Tamper-Proof ID Card Scam — WatchOut!



There were
the infamous Gestapo, Stazi and Red Guard. They all sought and maintained
civilian armies of snitches to help their rogue governments maintain
absolute power. These government thugs wanted any information they
could use against the victims they selectively targeted.

Today we have
the Department of Homeland Security that is quickly stepping into
this role in the United States. They are massively expanding their
authority, reach and budget to smash dissent, and any resistance
to government repression and violation of our Civil Rights.

If you have
not noticed, our government has suspended the Fourth Amendment in
the name of anti-terrorism. If you haven’t noticed, it’s
our own government that has become the terrorist.

Now Homeland
Security is beginning a massive recruitment drive to get people
to snitch on their neighbors. When this happens they suggest they
want information about crime or terrorism but this always degenerates
into what these criminal regimes really want, a hideous form of
Thought Police. What they truly want is information about Americans
resisting the Police State.

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10, 2010

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