Kiss Honor and Morality Goodbye in the U.S. Armed Forces

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What kind of people do you think will be attracted to the American
military, now that it is common knowledge that the armed forces
will only tolerate soldiers who keep their mouths shut about serious
crimes, and that politicians in Washington want to hang
or assassinate soldiers who conscientiously expose serious crimes?
The answer, of course, is that only the moral scum of the
nation will be attracted to this profession in the future, since
only the most morally bankrupt and intellectually challenged among
us would ever voluntarily allow themselves to be put in a position
where they would have to choose between abetting serious crimes
or being hanged.

The depraved
in Washington who are calling for Bradley Manning
to be executed (without so much as even a show trial), and for Julian
Assange to be assassinated
(even though he is an Australian
citizen), ought to be aware that their calls for human blood will
have serious consequences for this country. They may think that
they are only blustering and posturing in order to get themselves
reelected, which is their singular purpose in life of course, but
announcing to the nation that military whistleblowers ought to be
executed sends a powerful message. To morally conscientious Americans,
the message is: The American military is a place where men are expected
to lie about or cover up war crimes and felonies, or where they
will be hanged if they do what their consciences dictate. To depraved
and sociopathic Americans, the message is: Whoopie! The armed forces
are a place where men can commit all the crimes they want without
any fear of exposure! Bonanza!

The effect
that these perverse incentives will have on military recruiting
is so obvious that even hysterical, pea-brained politicians ought
to be able to foresee it. Good and honorable men will choose not
to enlist, while depraved and sociopathic men will. The U.S. armed
forces — the guys with all the big guns and nukes in America
— will gradually be filled solely with scumbags and degenerates
who are all too happy to have politicians punishing whistleblowers
on their behalf. And remember, we're not talking about a profession
as harmless as the teamsters or plumbers becoming a refuge for the
depraved — we're talking about a profession that involves automatic
weapons, killer
robot planes
, tanks and nuclear weapons.

The effect
of these politicians' calls for blood will be equally as perverse
on any good men who are currently enlisted in the armed forces.
Soldiers are being told, in essence, that their oath to uphold the
Constitution of the United States is completely null and void, and
that they are subject to a new oath that they never knew about.
The new oath, which none of them ever swore, says that soldiers
must hide or keep silent about crimes being committed in their midst
or especially by their superiors. Should they violate this unstated
oath, politicians and generals will call for their execution. The
message is clear to both good soldiers and degenerate ones: If you
so much as let out a squeak because of your conscience, everyone
in the government, from the President on down, will try to get you
hanged. How do you like them apples?

is no use to object that soldiers still have the opportunity to
simply go to their superiors to report crimes, and keep everything
in the chain of command. When the crimes are being committed by
the very top of the military establishment and executive branch,
how reasonable is it to expect a PFC to go to his superiors and
say "Hi there, I'd like to report that all levels of the military-congressional-executive-industrial
complex are engaging in outright deception and overt crimes — sometimes
even heinous war crimes. Is there a form I should fill out to get
them indicted, or what?" Any soldier that naïve belongs
in an asylum. Things are far worse now, however, since conscientious
soldiers cannot even find refuge in leaking the crimes to the American
people without the politicians trying to hang them. They will shut
up for good now and watch the crimes expand.

is it any use to object that soldiers have no right to question
the decisions of their superiors and leak documents that are above
their heads. In the first place, American soldiers are, first and
foremost, Americans, and their only duty is to protect the American
people and uphold the Constitution of the United States. If this
is not their purpose, then what in the hell are we paying them for?
That is why they took an oath to defend the Constitution and protect
the country from threats foreign and domestic. They did not
take an oath to do whatever Hilary Clinton and Robert Gates want,
and then help them to cover up their lies and crimes. They serve
America and Americans, not the current political and military establishment.

future looks bleak for America with a military in this state of
moral decay. When soldiers do not object to invading foreign countries
that never
attacked us
, and do not object to bombing
and shooting foreign civilians
, it is a symptom of serious moral
decay already well advanced in the armed forces. When politicians
tell soldiers that any dissent or leaking of the truth will be punished
by hanging, it is a symptom that a country will shortly degenerate
into a totalitarian nightmare. It is a sign that the American armed
forces have finally and totally given up on defending the people
of America, (if
they ever did
), and are on the way to becoming the largest gang
of Brown Shirts the world has ever seen.

God protect us all from this group of people whose allegiance is
to secrecy, immoral war, and lying politicians, instead of to defending
the people of the United States. Better yet, may anarchy
protect us all from this nightmarish future!

14, 2010

Mark R.
Crovelli [send him mail]
writes from Denver, Colorado.

Best of Mark R. Crovelli

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