WikiLeaks Exposes Israeli Mafia's Growing Influence Cable reveals Mafia-government connection – But US media don't care to dig for the story

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I love how
the pundits are yawning
over the latest WikiLeaks
: oh, there’s nothing to see here, it’s
all so boring, no "smoking gun," so let’s just move
right along. These people are just plain lazy: they want "scoops"
delivered to their front doors, all neatly packaged and labeled
as such. In short, they don’t want to have to do any work,
beyond the
usual cut-and-paste
. Which is why a lot of the really juicy
stuff coming out of WikiLeaks continues to elude them.

Take, for example,
this excerpt from a cable
dated May 15, 2009
– entitled "Israel, A Promised
Land for Organized Crime?" – sent by our embassy in Tel
Aviv, which deals with the rising influence of Israeli organized

recently as March 2009, Zvika Ben Shabat, Yaacov Avitan, and Tzuri
Roka requested visas to attend a ‘security-related convention’
in Las Vegas. According to local media reports, all three had involvement
with OC. Post asked the applicants to provide police reports for
any criminal records in Israel, but without such evidence there
is no immediate ineligibility for links to OC. Luckily, all three
have so far failed to return for continued adjudication of their
applications. Nevertheless, it is fair to assume that many known
OC figures hold valid tourist visas to the United States and travel

What are organized
crime figures doing showing up at a "security-related convention"
in Las Vegas? Well, it seems Mr. Zvika Ben Shabat is the President
of "H.A.Sh Security Group,"
an Israeli company that offers security services worldwide. Indeed,
they just signed
an agreement
to start a joint venture with India’s giant
Micro-Technologies, a company which is described as follows:

Technologies was established by Dr.
[P.] Shekhar
, who served as the person in charge on behalf of
the Indian Government for advancement and development of the technology
and software field in India (First Director Software Technology
Park in India), and his company deals with the development of technologies
and is already active in many markets around the world, amongst
which are: Denmark, Brussels, Italy, New York, Japan, Singapore,
South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and more. The company has
security technologies for identification and monitoring of cell
phones, vehicles, structures, computers, infrastructures and WIFI

In other words,
they specialize in snooping, otherwise known as spying. The first
Micro Technologies/H.A. Sh Security Group project is a "command
and control center" to be built in Mumbai, India. As for what
the H.A.Sh Security Group specializes
in, well, take a look at these Youtube videos: here,
here, and
here, for
starters. And get a load of who is the Chairman of H.A.Sh
Security: none other than retired Major General Dan Ronen, whose
resume appears here:

– Israel Police: Head of the Operations Division, with the
rank of Major General; Coordination of activities of all police
units in the operational field; Coordination with the General Security
Service and IDF units in the battle against terrorism; 2004–2007
– Israel Police: Commander of Northern Region (the largest
of the police regions); Responsible for liaison and coordination
vis-à-vis heads of local authorities; Responsible for leading
and commanding the overall forces and systems during the second
Lebanon War, in missions involving defense of the residents in the
northern home front; Areas of Expertise: Combat against terrorism
and suicide bombers coordination and operation of emergency and
rescue organizations Combat against crime and crime organizations."

Gen. Ronen
is listed as the Chairman of H.A.Sh
Security Group, with Mr. Ben Shabat, variously
described [pdf]
as the President, Vice-President, and Director.
So why is one of Israel’s former top cops in a business relationship
with a known member of the Israeli Mafia?

the rest of the article

4, 2010

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and is the author of An
Enemy of the State: The Life of Murray N. Rothbard
and Reclaiming
the American Right: The Lost Legacy of the Conservative Movement

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