'Off With Their Heads 2.0'

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by Gerald Celente: Everything
Washington Touches



We warned it
would happen and it happened as we warned. "Off with their
heads! Off with their heads!" chanted the angry mob as they
attacked the Royal Rolls Royce carrying Prince Charles and his wife
Camilla. "Off With Their Heads 2.0" read the headline
of our
Autumn Trends Journal
predicting the outpouring of outrage
that would accompany the harsh austerity measures inflicted upon
the general public, while governments doled out generous bailouts
and rescue packages for bankers and financiers.

Since the onset
of the Greatest Recession, I've been informing readers to expect
uncontrolled unrest that would roil markets and destabilize governments.
When people lose everything and they have nothing left to lose,
they lose it. And the spontaneous attack on the Royal couple was
the first salvo in what promises to be a long war between the people
and the ruling classes.  Anyone questioning the intensity of
the people's seething anger is either out of touch or in denial.
This was the worst show of violence directed towards the Royals
since the days of Irish/English hostilities.

In this case,
the Royals offered a convenient symbolic target for the young protestors,
a new generation that has come face-to-face with a future of downward
mobility. It wasn't only that they would have to pay three times
the tuition for a degree that no longer guaranteed them a decent
job, it was rage against the machine — a rigged system that paved
the way for the privileged and punished the prols. I have also predicted
that all the Kings and Queens of Commerce — along with Presidents,
Prime Ministers, top level bureaucrats and elected officials — will
soon be hearing the same chant of "Off with their heads!"
While the public was being punished with austerity measures, the
"too big to fail" bankers, hedge fund hustlers, and Wall
Street high rollers, blamed for creating conditions necessitating
austerity by making the biggest, most crooked and worst of financial
gambles — were rewarded with a king's ransom.

The media has
not connected the dots: a new class warfare has begun.  The
attack upon the Royals exemplified the pent-up hatred building among
a population that can no longer be cajoled into believing sacrifices
to further enrich the über-rich are in the best interest of
their nation.

At the onset
of the Great Recession, many bought the argument that if the biggest
banks and businesses were not bailed out, the entire financial system
would collapse.  Now faced with the irrefutable evidence of
record corporate profits, billions in bonuses and bailout windfalls,
the people will no longer grin and bear it. As economic conditions
continue to deteriorate in Europe and the U.S., the uprisings will
grow larger, more frequent, more organized, and more ferocious. 
In response, government crackdowns will be harsher and more violent. 
As the New Year unfolds, the stage is set for incendiary acts that
will be committed by one side or the other, escalating the conflict
into prolonged battles.

will declare that hooligans, anarchists, militants, and foreign
agents are responsible for the unrest, and the press will swear
to it.  What will be painted as assaults on capitalism and
the free enterprise system could more accurately be described as
acts of self-defense; a battle between the growing number of "have
nots" vs. the "haves" that keep taking even more
than they had before, through the government and the Fed.

15, 2010

Gerald Celente
is founder and director of The Trends Research Institute, author
of Trends
and Trend
(Warner Books), and publisher of The Trends
Journal. He has been forecasting trends since 1980, and recently
called “The Collapse of '09.”

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