Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out: Break the Banks

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issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to
be fought sooner or later is the People versus the Banks.u201D ~ Lord

on, Tune in, Drop Out

This phrase
was made famous by the late Timothy Leary and became the battle
cry for the counterculture generation of the 1960's. He was promoting
the benefits of LSD as a way to reach ones higher self while detaching
yourself from existing conventions and hierarchy in society. In
the process of freaking out parents and the establishment, Leary
became a poster child for the druggie, free love, hippie generation.

I am no Timothy
Leary fan, but I think it is time we reconsider his concept and
apply it to Government, banks, and the economy of today. No free
love or mind altering drugs recommended in this article, but if
we apply the simple concept of Turn On, Tune In, and Drop Out, it
would radically change the financial system as we know it. The balance
of power would be shifted from a few powerful elites, back to the
people where it belongs.

What could
be so radical? Be an individual, become educated, and make a choice.

One: Turn On

It is time
that we awaken to the reality of the world around us. In America,
we consider ourselves to be living in the u201Cland of the freeu201D as
mentioned in the last line of our national anthem, The Star Spangled
Banner. It sounds great, but it is no longer true. We need to realize
there is a constant battle between Government and its people. It
is not unique to the United States, this battle has existed since
the beginning of Government.

is always on the prowl to expand its power, but it can only do so
at the expense of individual liberties and freedom. It is a zero
sum game. Each Government expansion is equal to the amount of individual
freedoms lost. If the Government wins, we the people lose.

By Government,
I am not only referring to our elected leaders, but I am also referring
to the non-elected leaders of large banks and corporations. These
private entities, through lobbying, have captured our officials
who then rule in favor of the privileged and powerful, rather than
according to the constitution and the will of the people. Corporations
and banking lobbyists write the bills which are then passed by our
representatives without even being read. (think healthcare,
financial regulation) This is nothing new… 100 years ago,
it was this shadowy process that created the Federal Reserve and
institutionalized the banking cartel which has enslaved the masses
for the profit of the few and privileged. The creation of the Federal
Reserve was the beginning of the end.

and Slavocracy

a form of government in which all power is vested in a few persons
or in a dominant class or clique; government by the few.

The tyrannical
powers of the Government have expanded to the point that in reality,
we have become slaves. Not slaves in the traditional sense of the
word with physical shackles and chains, but a more elegant form
of enslavement through oppressive taxes and legislation. Legislation
that doesn't strengthen our freedom and protection from Government,
but legislation that binds us ever closer to Government to the point
that: we can do nothing without permission, we can do nothing without
surveillance, and we can do nothing without being taxed. We
are: New Wave Slaves.

Wave Slave: One who operates under the illusion of
personal freedom, but is in reality restrained by the Government
in which individual liberties have been exchanged for the hope and
promise of shared prosperity for the collective.

We have become
slaves to the very Government whose founding was based on the promise
of guaranteeing our freedoms. Of course no government official will
ever admit that fact, but then again, the greatest trick the Devil
ever played is convincing people that he doesn't exist.

Once we accept,
(Turn On), to the fact that we have become enslaved (New Wave Slaves)
and view everything the Government does through the prism of Master
vs. slave, you will begin to see the reality of the world in which
we live.

One: Turn on…

Two: Tune In

Become educated
and do not fall into the trap of believing the headlines of main
stream media or press releases from the Government. The headlines
are slanted in a way to promote the agenda of the organization that
released them. Many times the Government will take a kernel of truth
out of one statistic and give it a completely different perspective
from reality. Take for example, the unemployment rate. The often
used figure is 9.7%, but actual unemployment is at least 17% (U6)
which is also published by the Government. The more accurate, higher
number never gets reported. A simple way to boil this down is to
quote rap pioneer, Public Enemy. u201CDon't Believe the Hype!u201D

Another important
element of u201Ctuning inu201D, is to look past what politicians or bankers
say their intentions are, but become educated on the effects of
what they are actually doing. I think everyone knows you can't trust
a politician, so lets take a look at perhaps the most powerful entity
in the United States and maybe even the world: The Federal Reserve.

Many have heard
of the Federal Reserve, but most have no idea what it is, who it
is, or what they do. This ignorance is a prerequisite for the existence
of a malicious, blood sucking organization who has had unbridled
control of our economy for 100 years.

The Federal
Reserve is the central bank of the United States and is a privately
owned organization who has the power to create or destroy wealth
with the press of a button. It basically works like this: When the
Government runs a deficit, the Fed prints the dollars through the
U.S. Treasury, then buys the debt in the form of government bonds
which increases the amount of dollars circulating in the economy.
The Federal Reserve (Fed) receives interest on those bonds which
is paid by the U.S. Government from income taxes collected (this
is a very simple example, but hopefully you get the idea).

The Federal
Reserve creates money out of thin air and is then paid interest
totaling hundreds of billions of dollars per year which is distributed
as dividends to its shareholders. The United States is paying interest
on its own money to a privately controlled entity! This is clearly
a transfer of wealth from the many, to the few. There is no coincidence
the personal income tax was instituted within months of the creation
of the Fed. How else could the bankers extract wealth and economically
enslave the masses in such an elegant form?

Quotes Regarding Central Banks and the Federal Reserve:

u201CGive me
control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s
lawsu201D – Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

u201CBy this
means government may secretly and unobserved, confiscate the wealth
of the people, and not one man in a million will detect the theft.u201D
– John Maynard Keynes

boasting of our noble deeds we were careful to conceal the ugly
fact that by an iniquitous money system we have nationalized a system
of oppression which, though more refined, is not less cruel than
the old system of chattel slavery. – Horace Greeley

u201CIt is
well that the people of the nation do not understand our banking
and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a
revolution before tomorrow morning.u201D – Henry Ford

Becomes Reality

In the book
1984, George Orwell used the term u201CNewspeaku201D to describe a language
designed by a totalitarian Government. It deliberately gave words
the opposite meaning to control thought and make speech against
the regime impossible. For example, Orwell used the word u201Cjoycampu201D
for forced labor camps. The u201CMinistry of Truthu201D was in reality a
unit of disinformation.

This tactic
has been constantly used and 99.99% of the people just accept news
headlines and sound bytes as fact, and thus join in lock-step with
what we are told to believe.

are a few examples:

The Federal
Reserve's official mandate is: u201Cto promote effectively the goals
of maximum employment, stable prices, and moderate long-term interest
rates.u201D This sounds like a good thing, but in reality, this u201Cmandateu201D
gives the Fed cover to prowl around the economy like a wolf in sheep's
clothing with unlimited power and freedom to do anything it desires
without threat of controls or audits so it can u201Cmaintain its independenceu201D.

Easingu201D is another good example of Newspeak. It sounds
technical and it sounds like something only a Ph. D in economics
would understand, after all, it has the word u201Cquantitativeu201D in it!
However, it is nothing more a fancy term for a policy that countless
fallen empires and collapsed economies have used throughout history,
but our fearless leaders tell us it is different this time around.
Let me make it easy for you:

Easing = Printing Money

Easing (also called QE2 because this is the second round)
is nothing more than printing money and issuing additional debt
out of thin air. The more debt issued, the more money the Fed makes
from interest payments and in turn, the more we become enslaved.
The currency becomes worth less (will soon be worthless) due to
the loss of purchasing power through inflation and we are then forced
to pay the debt from the confiscation of our wealth through taxes.
It is an elegant form of theft and enslavement.

Clarity of
language is critical for decision making and it is time that we
u201CTune inu201D to those decision makers who have the power to exert control
over our lives and hold them accountable to not only their words,
but their actions as well.

Two: Tune In

3: Drop Out

When I say
u201Cdrop outu201D, I am referring to dropping out of the economic system
as designed by the United States of Oligarchy. (Remember, the
banks and Government have become one) Don't jump to conclusions
and assume I am suggesting to move to the woods, buy a farm, and
join a militia… that is not my point. In fact, it is just the
opposite. I am suggesting to live an examined life of how you participate
in the economic system by becoming consciously aware of the economic
and financial decisions you make everyday.

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22, 2010

Watson [send him mail]
is an adjunct professor of economics and finance, owner of www.NewWaveSlave.com,
and is currently writing a book based on the concept of New Wave

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