Wikileaks: Will the Truth Make Us Free Again?

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by Ron Holland: The
GOP Wins: Now What?



ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free"
~ John 8:32

Although these
leaks are a first step toward controlling Washington foreign policy,
they do show how incremental actions providing open information
can counter the Anglo-American foreign and domestic policies which
have brought the world right to the edge of another Middle East

I join with
real conservatives not the false neocon war advocates hoping these
leaks do not threaten our troops or necessary intelligence operatives.
Still Americans must understand it is Washington and economic interests
that have actually placed our troops at risks in foreign military
wars and occupations not in the real interests of the United States,
the nations invaded or civilians killed.

The Truth Hurts Only Political Elites

Of course politicians
and political hacks around the world are up in arms about this.
Voters and the public must never be told the truth about elite foreign
policy, political, financial or bailout actions or else they might
say no to the taxes, national debt and deficits or wealth confiscation
required to pay for the policies.

the spokesman for France said
, “Authority and democratic sovereignty
are threatened by such practices,” and GOP
Representative Peter King described
getting the truth out to
the public as "terrorism."

Why Not
Expand the Wikileaks Strategy To All Establishment Institutions

Wikileaks is
doing Americans and citizens of other countries a real favor in
showing the diplomatic intrigues and outright secrets of politicians
and governments around the world acting without any accountability
to their citizens. But why only tell the truth and create accountability
with American foreign policy when our Federal Reserve, Congress
and Wall Street elites have already created more economicwealth
destruction during the last couple of years than occurred during
World War Two?

The Truth
Will Make You Free

There must
be tens of thousands of productive, patriotic Americans working
in many areas of government, Wall Street and banking and the many
public and semi-private regulatory agencies out of the millions
employed. Some are certainly brave enough, sorry for their past
behavior or mad enough at parasitic upper level bureaucrats to want
to bring the truth and dirty laundry out to the American public.
Imagine the impact on power hungry political appointees, the bailed
out banking elites and out of control bureaucracies if they began
to fear the truth of their misdeeds could suddenly be leaked to
the public on the internet.

Charles Caleb
Colton described "Imitation as the sincerest form of flattery
and I hope freedom loving Americans and others outside the US will
imitate the truth telling of Wikileaks "in a legal manner"
and create a number of "Freedomleaks" websites designed
to promote the misdeeds of all establishment institutions out to
the public and the world.

It is time
to open the closed doors of misinformation and lies from institutions
ranging from the Social Security Administration, the Federal Reserve,
Treasury and Fort Knox to Wall Street and the global banking establishment.
From TSA and Homeland Security to wasteful spending and corruption
at all levels of government and special interests like big oil,
big pharma, the military industrial complex and the agricultural
and food cartels which threaten the health of Americans.

Those of you
inside these institutions know the truth and millions want to hear
your stories and allegations. Help free America, the European Union
and other nations and peoples from elites who have done so much
to confiscate our wealth and limit our freedoms.

There is a
world out there clamoring for truth, freedom and wanting to know
how to peacefully resist those elites who would continue to rule
over us, legislate, regulate and go to war for economic profits
and power without our consent. I'm sure the internet and the free
market of ideas will prevail and if you will build the websites
and blogs calling on patriots to tell the world what they know inside
their government institutions and monopoly interests, surely emails
and files of information will follow.

I believe Saint
John was right and the truth will make us free. Who will step up
to the plate and create the first targeted website on a specific
institution or organization? Who inside these organizations will
follow the admonition of John 8:32 and be the first share the truth
and begin the long process to make us a free nation and a free people

30, 2010

Holland [send him
] is a contributing editor to the Swiss
Mountain Vision Newsletter

and Freedom

published by Appenzeller Business Press.

Best of Ron Holland

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