America Flexes Its Muscles in Iran!

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Local vintage
American muscle cars come out in force for The First Isfahan Classic
Cars Rally.

Organized by
Chapter President Ali Samandarian, who owns a pair of Chevy Bel
Airs, their Rally attracted a wide range of vehicles, including
classic American muscle cars. The Isfahan Chapter is one of a number
of single and multi-marque clubs linked to the Classic Car Committee
of the Motorcycle and Automobile Federation of Iran. These enthusiast
auto clubs are located in every major population center in Iran.

The ancient
city of Isfahan, once the capital of ancient Persia, was the venue
for the Isfahan Classic Car Chapter’s first road rally. Four
hundred years ago, Isfahan was larger than London and more cosmopolitan
than Paris!

Ramin Salehkhou,
organizer and manager of the Tehran Café Racers, is the President
of the national body that is patterned after the FIA model. He sent
us the info and photos that were taken by Ali Samandarian. The winner
of the inaugural event was a slick white-vinyl-top, blue Pontiac
Grand Prix.

with permission from the Car
Guy Chronicles

16, 2010

© 2010
Guy Chronicles

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