Jesse Ventura Exposes the JFK Assassination Conspiracy Nationally

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Jesse Ventura
has done a great service to the country in this, the second season
of his TV series, Conspiracy Theory. In Episode 5 that just
played this past Friday, November 19th, he further hammers home
the truth nationally that there was indeed a conspiracy to kill
Jack Kennedy. He does so by going beyond the House Select Committee
on Assassinations report of 1979 that also concluded there was a
conspiracy by providing more concrete evidence, the most crucial
being at the end of the episode with the death-bed confession of
the famous/infamous intelligence officer, author and Watergate Burglar,
E. Howard Hunt, who pointblank states to his son, St. Clair Hunt,
who video and audio-taped the confession, that he was indeed part
of the assassination conspiracy, code-named The Big Event.

Hunt was about
as insider as you can get regarding the inner workings of the clandestine
side of the American government, and he was as lucid as ever when
he gave this confession. He knew he was dying and didn’t want to
keep silent any longer about what he knew. The best anyone can say
to refute Hunt’s confession so far is that his claims have not been
substantiated by another investigation, which of course, is not
even being contemplated at this point, but this is a distracting
argument because the real point it whether Hunt is believable or
not. And for a guy as lethal, deadly serious and matter-of-fact
as Hunt, to suggest that he was making this up is ludicrous.

Hunt’s confession
has been online for several years, and I have listened to it several
times, hoping against hope that it could get wider play in the media.
But It was up to someone of Jesse Ventura’s caliber to tie it and
the many other loose strands of evidence together to make the most
solid case yet nationally that yes indeed, America, there WAS a
conspiracy to kill Kennedy, a conspiracy that emanated out of the
dark side of the American government.

So consider
this a public service on Jesse Ventura’s part. Here is episode five
on YouTube, in four parts:

Part 1:

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