The Forest, The Trees, and the TSA

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With all the
naked viewing and groping going on, I wonder if this is the United
States of America or the back room of an adult video store. We have
two major problems here, the TSA and their intrusive unconstitutional
invasions of our rights, and the bigger question of why are we turning
into a police state.

Let’s start
with the TSA. How many passengers have I seen interviewed on TV
who all share the notion that "If it makes us safer then I
think it is a good idea. I just want to get to my destination in
one piece." Not only does this presume that the government
is more capable at assuring safety than private citizens, but it
also illustrates an alarming trend in this country where we have
become willing to so easily trade freedom for the illusion of safety
(or prosperity, or charity).

Let me ask
you this — who has the greatest interest in safe and secure airplanes?
The government? On the contrary, the people themselves have the
greatest self interest in safety. The airlines would not want to
jeopardize their reputation, their financial security, nor the lives
of the passengers. Then there would be the insurance companies who
insure those planes who would insist on the airlines taking proper
steps for safe travel. And finally there are the passengers, who
are so interested in safety that they willingly bend over and accept
the government’s intrusion. So we now have three key private players
with major interest in the safety of planes.

The TSA only
had a 2-year contract before the airlines could opt out. I believe
it is time for America's airlines to opt out, or for the people
to opt out of America's airlines. Let airlines decide what security
policies they employ, and then let the free people of America choose
which airlines they feel safest flying. This simply means if you
don’t want to blow up prematurely (if blowing up was already on
your agenda), ride on a plane with tight professional security,
and if you don’t want to pay more for a ticket (or be probed) ride
on the plane without it. Freedom and security is not a trade off.
Freedom IS security.

If you believe
that the Federal Government has the greatest interest in a secure
plane, or that we should employ a more intrusive "papers please"
approach or the Israeli model of rapid fire interrogations, let
me ask you a few questions. If we could make airlines 100% safe,
so safe that we know that a terrorist will never board a plane and
take it over, would that be the end of terrorism as we know it?
Do secure airlines mean a secure America? Hardly, considering that
in America we have thousands of events held daily where greater
numbers of people gather.

Which brings
us to the title of this article The Forest, The Trees, and the TSA.
The TSA is actually only a symptom, while the real problem is our
foreign policy. Our history in the Middle East did not start on
September 11, 2001. Understanding our involvement around the world
and how it has a habit of coming to roost is key before we end up
with check points outside our children's soccer games.

Though any
step towards privatization in the airline industry is an improvement,
the ultimate solution to our problems is bringing our troops home
and minding our own business. Foreign beligerence is immoral, incredibly
costly, and it threatens our security by inspiring people to hate

This is not
a “blame America first” mentality. This is blame bad policy first.
The fact is that our foreign policy of a trillion dollars a year
is bankrupting this country. The fact is that our involvement in
these countries is the main reason some want to attack us. The fact
is that the TSA represents a victory for the terrorists and a loss
for freedom, and facts are never unpatriotic. We are accepting a
Federal government to protect our freedom when the Federal Government
Military/Security State is openly hostile to freedom.

We have sent
the government scrambling to find new ways to intrude on our rights,
without realizing that our current foreign policy of entangling
alliances and questionable corporate intent are the opposite of
what our founders envisioned. We need to think about this the next
time we see a Fox News report about the impending threat of Iran,
followed by an advertisement sponsored by Lockheed Martin. America
can can continue down a road of war, terror, insecurity and an ever
increasing police state or we can choose a new direction of peace,
commerce, security and a foreign policy of freedom.

To me the choice
is clear.

27, 2010

Jay Myers [send him mail]
a small businessman from Dallas, Texas and is a member of the Texas
Libertarian Executive Committee and the Vice Chair of the Dallas
County Libertarian Party. John recently ran for congress against
Pete Sessions in Texas 32nd district. Visit his

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