Beating the TSA: How a Determined Passenger Spent Hours Arguing His Rights Before Being Waved Through the Checks

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It’s the solution
that millions of American airline passengers have been searching
for – how to avoid bodyscanners and intrusive pat-downs when they

Now one patient
traveller has proved it is possible to bypass the high-level security
measures in place at all airports, but only if you have time on
your hands.

Blogger Matt
Kernan recorded his epic experience as he returned to North Kentucky
International Airport in Cincinnati from Paris on Sunday.

at being told to prepare for a body scan and with time on his hands,
the determined businessman decided to make a stand – with remarkable

Writing on
his website, he said: ‘I certainly don’t enjoy
being treated like a terrorist in my own country, but I’m also
not a die-hard constitutional rights advocate.

‘However, for
some reason, I was irked.’

‘Maybe it was
the video of the three-year-old getting molested, maybe it was the
sexual assault victim having to cry her way through getting groped,
maybe it was the father watching teenage TSA officers joke about
his attractive daughter.

‘Whatever it
was, this issue didn’t sit right with me. We shouldn’t
be required to do this simply to get into our own country.’

As a result,
Mr Kernan informed staff he did not want to go through the infamous
Backscatter imaging machine.

He was told
he would have to undergo an invasive pat-down search, but again
politely told staff that he would consider any contact with his
genital areas as assault.

After being
told that the two options were TSA policy, he replied: ‘ I disagree
with the policy, and I think that it is unconstitutional.

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24, 2010

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