Why Being Green Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

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by James Delingpole: ‘Biodiversity’:
The New Big Lie



One of the
stories from the Bible I’ve never quite understood is the parable
of the Prodigal Son. So this utterly useless git prematurely grabs
his share of his inheritance, goes out into the world, blows it
on being stupid, loses everything, then comes back to his father
with his tail between his legs and what happens? Why his father,
sap that he is, decides to reward him for being wrong and stupid
and useless by greeting him, well, like a prodigal son and killing
the fatted calf. No wonder the Other Son – the sensible, intelligent
one who was right all along – feels so mightily peeved. If
people don’t get their just deserts in life, what’s the
point even bothering to do the right thing in the first place?

Anyway, watching
Channel 4’s What
The Green Movement Got Wrong
last night I felt very much like
the Other Son. The documentary was a celebration of the fact that
two notable green campaigners – Mark Lynas and Stewart Brand
(creator of the Whole Earth Catalog) had finally come round to appreciating
that some of the key tenets of their Green religion were flawed
and had in fact done more harm than good.

GM crops such
as “golden rice” and vitamin-enhanced millet, they cheerily
conceded, were not evil “Frankenfoods” after all but a
vital way of averting malnutrition in the Third World.

Nuclear power,
they agreed, was way more efficient at producing clean energy than
the coal alternative. Furthermore, the fuss about Chernobyl had
been horribly overdone.

The near global
ban on DDT – inspired by Rachel Carson’s junk science
bestseller Silent
– had caused millions to die of malaria.

And so on.

Well bully
for Lynas and Brand. But why, pray, do they deserve any credit for
reaching conclusions that those of us who aren’t blinkered
eco-zealots reached years ago?

What about
the hundreds – perhaps thousands – of starving Zambians
who died in the 2002 famine when, thanks to the misinformed campaigning
of green activists like Lynas, the Zambian government refused to
distribute US foreign aid packages of GM food?

What about
all the honest, decent scientists and agricultural engineers and
nuclear workers whose career path was stymied as a result of green

What about
the brown-outs and power shortages and energy insecurity this country
is going to suffer as a direct result of the Greenie anti-nuclear
hysteria which prevented us replacing our old nuclear power stations?

those millions and millions that Rachel Carson inadvertently massacred
with her entirely unfounded claims about the effects of DDT on birdlife?

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6, 2010

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