OffTheGridNews Roasts Turkeys for 2010, George W. Bush and Ben Bernanke Honorary Meal

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Former President
George W. Bush and current Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve
Ben Bernanke were designated as the 2010 turkeys most worth of being

In an interview
podcast hosted by OffTheGridRadio
and posted on
former President George
W. Bush
and current Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve Ben
were designated as the 2010 turkeys most worth of being

Handing out
the honors was Gerald Celente of, illustrating
the deception and incompetence practiced by Bush and Bernanke that
earned them their spot in the roaster.

It didn’t
take long for Celente to support his choices, dedicating the first
eight minutes of the interview with Bill Heid to the man he calls
the “deceiver in chief,” George W. Bush. Celente shows
nothing but disdain for the former president, attacking his recent
book tour as nothing more than a reminder of how bad things had

Still on the
plate for Celente is Bush’s reasoning behind the war in Iraq,
more specifically the claim by the president that Saddam Hussein
was hiding weapons of mass destruction. It Bush now acknowledging
that the WMDs didn’t exist Celente has called for justice,
demanding to know why there are no hearings, commissions or something
resembling the famed Nuremberg trials.

The willful
deception on the part of Bush triggered Celente’s wrath as
he pounced on a track record of lies and a “political propaganda
campaign” that has led to the deaths of more than 5,000 American
troops in Iraq.

Celente said
that after eight years of Bush a man like Mussolini could have won
office. Of course Celente then stated that in fact the country has
a different fascist in the White House now, a man he called “Bush
2,” Barack Obama. The current President earned that title for
his surge in Afghanistan and the 50,000 “advisors” that
are still stationed in Iraq.

While Bush
was being basted and seasoned for his deception turkey number two,
Ben Bernanke, was being deep fried for his incompetence and according
to Celente it was his incompetence that has kept him in his position.

Recalling events
that dated back to 2005 in which Bernanke, affectionately called
“Uncle Ben” by Celente, scoffed at the prospect the country
would ever face a national real estate crisis only to see two years
later a monumental collapse that we are still trying to dig our
way out of. Celente even recalls a comment Bernanke made to Congress
just months before that 2007 collapse in which he stated “there’s
not much indication at this point that sub-prime mortgage issues
have spread into the broader mortgage market which still seems to
be healthy.”

Celente insists
that these comments are made due to incompetence and because Bernanke
is part of the “white shoe club,” an elitist group that
consists of individuals who have never worked a day on their life,
there is absolutely no consequence to the mind-numbingly bad decisions
that he makes. As a matter of fact, Bernanke is actually rewarded
for his “calm and wisdom, bold action, and out of the box thinking”
that, Obama says, has steered us through the financial collapse.

The full interview
is now available on and while the two men roasted
are worthy of Celente’s contempt the interview is light-hearted
enough to bring a smile to your face as the turkeys are being cooked.

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29, 2010

Gerald Celente
is founder and director of The Trends Research Institute, author
of Trends
and Trend
(Warner Books), and publisher of The Trends
Journal. He has been forecasting trends since 1980, and recently
called “The Collapse of '09.”

Best of Gerald Celente

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