Time For Economic Restoration Now Climate Change Deception Exposed

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by Dr. Tim Ball: There
Is No Water Shortage



Problems are
only problems if you are unaware of them. Once identified you’re
over halfway to resolution. American voters rejected the Obama administration’s
policies of increasing government control through energy, environment
and economic policies. They voted for cessation and reversal. Now
the new politicians and chastened survivors must act accordingly.
Debt and deficit are serious problems and the solution depends partly
on reduced government spending, but mostly on a vigorous growing
economy and that depends on energy. Maurice Strong’s plan to
collapse the industrial economies recognized this with his focus
on fossil fuels and CO2, so that’s where the solution must

Keynote speaker
Vaclav Klaus, elected President of the Czech Republic in 2003 made
a memorable comment for me at the first Heartland Conference on
Climate Change in New York. He said we’ve just emerged from
70 years of communism and asked, incredulously, why anyone would
go back. He was referring to the US and Europe and identified environmentalism
and climate change as the vehicles for the transit. He made his
case effectively in his book Blue
Planet in Green Shackles
where he writes, “The themes
in the contemporary dispute (or perhaps clash) are clearly about
human freedom – not about the environment.” His warnings
are not surprising given his personal experiences, but they’re
supported by similar comments and actions by Russia and China. The
contradiction is not surprising and parallels evolution of human,
social, economic and political systems.


really only tried two socio-economic systems, capitalism and communism.
They evolved from two major 19th century works published just 8
years apart. Darwin’s Origin
of The Species
published in 1859 is the essence of capitalism
with its theme of survival of the fittest. Karl Marx’s Das
published in 1867 denounced capitalism and became
the basis of communism. Now capitalist countries move toward communism
in the form of total government control.

Some foolishly
suggest a compromise is the oxymoron of State Capitalism. Trouble
is capitalism requires free markets with little or no government
interference. Ironically, one of the few places where free markets
succeeded was the black market in the Soviet Union. One development
that paralleled growth of capitalism was increasing government intervention
in the market place. Malfeasance in the market place made people
realize unbridled capitalism was not the answer. The problem is,
once you start controls, how are they limited? This is where limits
to growth really apply.

Maurice Strong
engineered the attack on capitalism and industrialism, its engine
of growth, through the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
(IPCC). He focused on energy, particularly fossil fuels, and that
marks the biggest difference currently between former capitalist
and communist countries. Phony environmentalists with political
agendas and those milking government for climate research funding,
blame skeptics for the failures of climate conferences and the collapse
of global climate policies. In fact, it was India and China who
consistently blocked the plans as they moved to expand their economies.
Russia sits cynically on the side doing only what benefits them.
All three continue with extensive development of fossil fuels by
ensuring access to supply and building energy facilities, especially
coal and nuclear. Energy from these facilities is used to produce
alternate energy products for nations who foolishly pursue an already
proven unsustainable green agenda.

India, China
and Russia did not reject IPCC findings simply to advance their
economies. They did it because they knew the science was false.
Consider the presentations made by Putin’s economic advisor
clearly with approval.

Putin only
changed when they threatened to deny access to the World Trade Organization
(WTO) if he didn’t sign Kyoto.

Ilarianov resigned.
All three paid lip service to Kyoto, but did not become enslaved
to the carbon
footprint that is stomping out economies
of the so-called capitalist

What To
Do? Some Simple Inexpensive Solutions

There are simple
steps essential to the US rebuilding energy sources and resources.

  1. Put Senator
    James Inhofe
    of Oklahoma in charge of a Commission to get
    climate and energy policies back from the edge of disaster. He
    is the only politician who understood the climate corruption and
    spoke out about it despite ridicule and nasty attacks.
  2. Immediately
    cancel all plans for Cap and Trade or similar strategies.
  3. Withdraw
    from the IPCC and cancel all research on climate carried out by
    government agencies. Reassign employees to extensive and better
    data collection on a multitude of environmental factors. This
    must include accurate information on all energy resources to avoid
    the exploitation of the argument we are exhausting resources,
    a fundamental tenet of the Club of Rome.
  4. Produce
    reliable, fully documented, material that explains why CO2, especially
    human production, is not the cause of global warming or climate
    change. Launch a vigorous campaign to educate people about the
    science in ways they can understand.
  5. Cancel all
    climate research funding and redirect it to identifying real problems
    with workable solutions. Academics have shown they’ll sell
    integrity for funding so have them produce really relevant rather
    than contrived work.
  6. Produce
    reliable, fully documented, material that explains how the climate
    issue was manipulated. This must include the motive and the mechanism.
  7. Cancel all
    subsidies to alternate energies. There are some uses for alternate
    energies, but they are very limited and very expensive, a problem
    completely masked by the subsidies.

  8. Review and
    reduce all unnecessary restrictions on expansion of oil, coal
    and gas reserves established to reduce CO2.
  9. Review and
    reduce all unnecessary restrictions on nuclear power development
    established after environmentalists, following Chernobyl and Three
    Mile Island, exploited public fears. It is no longer necessary
    with new technologies.
  10. Reverse
    the Supreme Court decision that CO2 is a toxic substance. It was
    based on the falsified work of the IPCC. This will remove control
    of CO2 from the EPA.
  11. Remove all
    energy subsidies and allow market forces to determine development.
    This will likely result, in nuclear and coal producing electricity;
    natural gas powering vehicles; and oil sustaining petrochemical
  12. Cancel legislation
    and funding introduced to deal with CO2, carbon footprints or
    any other extension of the idea.
  13. Reduce taxes
    on all fuels as a direct benefit to the entire society. They’ve
    become a “sin” tax to punish us for causing climate
  14. Review all
    environmental policies evolved from the false climate science.
  15. Government
    can offer significant prizes for private citizens, the source
    of American exceptionalism, to influence innovation that solves
    basic energy problems. These include efficient large-scale storage
    of electricity and superconductivity.

Rejection of
the Obama agenda includes exploitation of climate as a vehicle for
total government control. The White House appointment of John Holdren,
member of the Club of Rome, as Science Czar confirmed the commitment.
It’s time for the newly elected politicians to team up with
Senator Inhofe and roll back the policies. Beyond the increased
debt, the climate basis for the energy policy has done much to destroy
the economy and will do more unless quickly reversed. It then becomes
the solution rather than the problem.

30, 2010

Tim Ball [send him mail]
is a renowned environmental consultant and former climatology professor
at the University of Winnipeg. Dr. Ball employs his extensive background
in climatology and other fields as an advisor to the International
Climate Science Coalition
, Friends
of Science
, and the Frontier
Centre for Public Policy

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