Post-Election Postmortem: What's Different?

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So the House
of Representatives changes hands; what’s different? Beneath the
media frenzy: not much.

A "throw
the bums out" mid-term election left more than a few bums untouched
but the corporate-financed Republicrats did manage to wrest the
House of Representatives from the investment bank-greased palms
of the Demopublicans.

(Note to Nevada:
did the popping of the Las Vegas real estate bubble so dispirit
you that you couldn’t even rouse yourself to kick the twitching
carcass of Harry Reid off the back of the pickup truck?)

of twitching carcasses, let’s proceed with our post-election postmortem.

1. The Republicrats
want to roll back Obamacare.
So the fraud-riddled, incomprehensibly
complicated, out-of-control Obamacare that absorbs 20% of the nation’s
GDP like a black hole will be jettisoned in favor of the previous
fraud-riddled, incomprehensibly complicated, out-of-control sickcare
"system" (and I use the word loosely) that absorbed 20%
of the nation’s GDP, twice the per capita cost of other advanced
post-industrial nations such as Japan and Germany.

Can you spell
"competitive disadvantage"? Squandering 10% of our GDP
on "defensive medicine" tests, meds, procedures and other
sickcare is the equivalent of a 10% VAT tax (value-added tax) on
the entire U.S. economy.

Do the Republicrats
have any Grand Plan to actually revolutionize sickcare, pre-Obama
or otherwise? No. Their "plan" is to channel 20+% of the
GDP to the same sickcare cartels which ruled the roost pre-Obamacare
and post-Obamacare.

Please excuse
my lack of enthusiasm for a return to insurance companies, Big Pharma
et al. skimming 20% off the top of the economy while the health
of the citizenry measurably declines every year.

Welcome to
heck, America. Your "healthcare" is the "plan"
of choice here in Heck. The Devil is a huge fan of your "system."

2. The political
class will continue blaming China for its own excesses and appalling
avoidance of responsibility.
Let’s see how the scapegoating
works when China’s stupendous credit/real estate bubble pops.

Blaming others
is a time-honored dodge, but does it actually solve any problems?
Isn’t that what adulthood is about, accepting responsibility? (Note
to incoming Republicrats: strong economies have strong currencies,
weak economies have weak currencies. Allowing the Fed to crush the
U.S. dollar is not a pathway to a robust economy.)

3. The Republicrats
want to reduce the Federal deficit but they are terrified of losing
support should they call Americans on their grotesque hypocrisy.

Slash deficit spending, but leave my entitlements and fiefdom alone.

That is another
feature here in Heck: permanent adolescence, where everyone is throwing
a pathetic, spoiled-brat tantrum: that they "earned" their
entitlement and their share if the swag. So calls to reduce Central
State expropriation boil down to internecine conflict between
protected fiefdoms (a favorite Survival+
term), i.e. cut the other guys’ swag but leave my "deserved"
swag untouched.

So after an
appropriately earnest speech or two about "fiscal responsibility,"
(hahahahaha, to quote the Mogambo Guru), the Republicrats will cave
and pick up their old habits of borrow-and-spend.

will be made, of course; those leeching "99ers" collecting
unemployment will be axed, and we’ll appropriate those billions
to the wonderfully supportive government of Pakistan, which can’t
do enough to further our goal of establishing a friendly "government"
(and I use the term loosely) in Afghanistan.

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11, 2010

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