Grassroots Rebels, Stay on the Ground!

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Wow, but the
fur — and clothing, and screeners’ hands — are flying at airports,
aren’t they? Yee haw! Christmas came early this year for those of
us who hate the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), who
have prayed for nine long years that the good Lord would smite it
from the face of the earth, who can’t wait to take to the skies
again once LaWanda and her porno-scanners roast in Hell.

Not that I
want to look a gift-horse in the mouth (yet another reason the TSA
will never employ me since its perverts eagerly peer everywhere),
but might I ask what took so long? Those Americans willing to tolerate
stranger’s rubbing the back but not the front of his
hands over your body
, enlighten me: why does a warrantless search
violate your liberty, dignity, and modesty now, but a year ago,
as you stood coatless, shoeless, and spread-eagled, it was merely
an inconvenience — or, far worse, the price we paid for "security"
and a "free" society?

The TSA has
eviscerated liberty, dignity, modesty and everything decent since
Day One. And before 9/11, it was the FAA conducting the massacre:
recall that its high-flying dictators
mandated checkpoints
for rifling our luggage and forcing us
through magnetometers without warrants. Remember ticket agents interrogating
us about whether we’d packed our own bags ("You know, ma’am,
hmmm, I think I had the upstairs maid handle it this time"),
again per the FAA’s imbecilic dictates? And no, none of this approaches
the TSA’s utterly incredible sexual assaults, but anyone who understands
government could have discerned the embryonic bureaucracy and its
abuses lurking in the FAA’s stranglehold. A people that allows the
State to impede their travels with silly questions and unconstitutional
searches has no logical argument against such lunacy’s going naked.

So while it’s
refreshing, inspiring, and monumentally gratifying to see the country
finally awaken to the atrocities synonymous with governmental control
of transportation, where were these folks in November 2001, when
the grotesque liar and torturer George Bush signed the legislation
empowering TSA
? The seeds of every outrage the agency has committed
lay in that wicked law. Where were they when the TSA
preyed on Nick Monahan and his family in 2002
? When its deviants
well-endowed women
in stairwells at Reagan National and assaulted
Phyllis Dintenfass in Wisconsin
in 2004? When entertainer Patti
LuPone complained that "a
screener was all over me with her hands
" after the TSA
forced her to disrobe? When two
air marshals slaughtered Rigoberto Alpizar
in December 2005?
When screeners felt
up nuns
, stole snacks
from little old ladies
, humiliated crippled
and amputees?

What a lesson
on Pastor Martin Niemöller’s famous warning, "They came
first for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up…" Passengers
docilely standing in line, keeping their heads down, complying with
the TSA’s humiliating orders, desperately hoping to make their flights
without a bully’s picking on them. And the price of all this? Turning
a blind eye as the TSA’s whores — what else do we call sluts who
put their hands between people’s legs for pay? — savaged yet another
victim, screamed at yet another confused, infrequent flyer, yanked
yet another older
man’s pants down
, compelled yet another mother
to drink her own milk.
Tolerate these offense against your fellow
serfs, and before long Our
Rulers have their hands down your britches, too
. That’s the
nature of government.

slaves are still debating
whether the TSA’s sexual assaults
are truly sexual assaults. They earnestly ask whether we can call
them that if the courts disagree. Or say a whore’s fondling of your
toddler doesn’t conform in all details to the legal definition of
"sexual molestation": should we still use that term? God
save us from such wretched cowardice and serfdom, that we actually
dismiss government’s attacks on us and our families if twits in
black robes tell us to.

Don’t expect
the criminals in Congress, the leeches whose lavish lives we fund,
the gutless wonders more concerned with their campaign
contributions and cronyism
than with the babies
in utero the porno-scanners will deform
, to defend us
from the monster they’ve unleashed. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) was out
there pooh-poohing the fine
work of James Babb and George Donnelly
at We
Won’t Fly
: "[Chaffetz] says
he still has many concerns
about the full-body scans but says
Americans should object through Congress, not to TSA agents. And
especially not on such a busy travel holiday," as our two heroes
are urging us to do next Wednesday, November 24, on National Opt-Out
Day. "u2018I just think there’s a better, smarter way to do it
than protesting and missing your flight home to grandmother’s place
for Thanksgiving,’ Chaffetz said Tueday [sic]." Yeah,
and there were probably better, smarter ways to overthrow tyranny
than crossing
the Delaware in the middle of a blizzard at night
. But, hey,
Jas, a patriot’s gotta do what a patriot’s gotta do.

As if this
political insider would ever in a billion years want to, he added,
"[National Opt-Out Day]’s not the way to change the system."
Wanna bet, you bozo?

Not to be outdone
is Rep. John "Never
Held A Job In Aviation in My Life
, But Heck if Such Colossal
Ignorance Will Keep Me From Dictating to the Industry" Mica
(R-FL). He’ll "soon
be chairman
of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure"
and is also "one of the authors of the original TSA bill."
Mica’s forever scolding the TSA while simultaneously
voting it more money and power
. His solution to whores’ molesting
children? Nope, not jail-time, you optimist, you. Instead, he’s
to the heads of more than 150 airports nationwide suggesting
they opt out of TSA screening" and hire "private"
screeners — who will still "work [sic] under federal
supervision." Oh, yeah, biiiiiig difference. Yo, John:
let’s try outsourcing Congresscriminals next.

But for sheer,
"I’m-so-scared-I-just-wet-my-pants" contemptibility, it’s
hard to beat Sen. Joe Liebermann (Israel — sorry, Independent,
CT). "I think perhaps the reaction to the pat-down procedures
got ahead of TSA’s or the department’s description of what you were
doing and why you were doing it,” he
to John Pistole, Prostitute-in-Chief at the TSA. Aw,
come on, Joe: we taxpayers aren’t nearly as stupid and craven as
Pistole the Pervert and you.

Joe also deems
groping and ogling “necessary for the security — homeland security
of the American people.” Don’t you love it when a guy married to
child of a Holocaust survivor
" parrots Hitler’s

Mention of
Nazis always reminds me of Janet "Big Sis" Napolitano
for some reason. Catch her insouciance as she and her gang of whores
destroy other people’s companies (Ok, they’re only lousy airline
corporations in bed with the Feds, but still…): "u2018if
people want to travel
by some other means,’ they have that right."

For now, at
any rate: a government that can require us to buy medical insurance
could require us to buy airline tickets, too. Look for Our Rulers
to pass Obamatravel once they destroy aviation as thoroughly as
they did medicine.

So take Big
Sis’s advice while you can. Boycott aviation until the TSA is abolished.
Don’t fly.

19, 2010

Akers [send her mail] writes
primarily about the American Revolution.

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