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by Arthur M.M. Krolman: An
Open Letter to the Walt Disney Company



From: Arthur

Sent: Friday, November 05, 2010 10:10 AM
To: (all customers world wide)
Subject: CRB Replaces USD as Krolman Pricing Unit

Dear Customer,

In trading
with customers and suppliers world wide, choosing one trading country’s
currency as the pricing unit causes unintended price increases or
price discounts. If product pricing is in USD, for example, an increase
in the relative value of the EUR gives European customers an unexpected
discount not received by US customers. The opposite can and does
also occur making prices in different countries fluctuate unpredictably
with no change in the product itself. This has been a growing problem
for Krolman which we are now comprehensively addressing.

In September
2010 we began pricing Krolman organ recovery and processing products
in an alternative unit of measurement to the EUR or the USD: the
Thomson/Reuters CRB Index. Effective today we will now offer all
Krolman products priced in this same way and therefore the same
level for all customers world wide. Since 1957, the CRB Index has
served as an objective measurement of the value of the USD relative
to an unchanging basket of commodities used world wide. (Please
refer to information attached about this Index).

All Krolman
products are now denominated in terms of units of the CRB. The convenience
of invoicing and payment in USD, however, is unchanged. Calculating
the price in USD for your purchase is straightforward:

  1. Contact
    Krolman for CRB price of the product you are interested in, or
    refer to

  2. Reference
    the CRB daily opening USD price at, for example,
  3. Multiply
    CRB price for Krolman product by CRB USD price to calculate the
    Krolman product USD price for the day of your purchase.

As with prices
at your local gas station, for example, Krolman product prices,
in terms of USD, will vary from day to day as USD price of the CRB
Index goes up and down.

This major
change in Krolman pricing units will have a major beneficial result:
Krolman product prices will now be stable and reliable in transparent
objective terms around the world and require no inflation adjustments
going forward. The base CRB USD price for calculating new Krolman
CRB unit prices is USD250.00 per CRB unit, the prevailing price
in June 2010. This means that, in constant June 2010 USD, our prices
have not changed.

Compared to
today’s USD value relative to the CRB, however, this means a temporary
USD-denominated increase of more than 20%. For European customers,
such an increase does not apply due to the relative increase of
the EUR. No change is applicable for current Blanket Orders.

We will continue
our effort to control costs and remain a long-term viable supplier
with new technologies and improvement programs. Our goal is to deliver
the highest level of service and quality, while providing new and
innovative solutions for your needs. If you have any questions,
please email or call me directly at (800) 388-3639 or 1-617-242-0635.

Yours truly,

Arthur Krolman

M.M. Krolman
65 Elm St., Boston, MA 02129
tel (617) 242-0635

8, 2010

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