The Truth About Terrorism, and the U.S. Government

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My writing
this was inspired by Paul Craig Roberts's great article The
War on Terror
, in which he tells the truth about what's really
going on, and I wanted to expand more on this terrorism subject.

There are many
reasons why the U.S. government needs to place itself on the Terrorist
Watch List, but since there isn't enough space to include all that
here, I'll just touch on the most important points.

To begin, millions
of Americans report their income and employment status to the U.S.
government out of fear, and for no other reason. It certainly isn't
out of the goodness of their hearts (except for the most naïve
amongst us). Most Americans who are required to pay a certain percentage
of their income to the feds aren't really paying — it is
being taken from them under the threat of various intrusions, such
as garnishing their wages or putting a lien on their homes (like
a lien on one's home really matters anymore now in the time of ForeclosureGate).
For many Americans, the taking is automatic, directly from their
paychecks. So employers as well as workers must submit to the threat
of brute force if they don't comply with the demand for information
on employment status and payment. Millions of Americans are terrorized
by the federal government, not only for what might happen to them
if they don't comply with the demands, but if a mistake is made.
There have been horror stories told by many Americans of what happened
to them because a mistake was made — including mistakes made by
the government.

And many owners
of businesses, especially of small businesses, are terrified that
they will be persecuted by some government bureaucrat for not following
one of the many thousands of regulations that businesses must obey,
regulations that exist for no good reason — only to protect larger
businesses' profits. (Thanks, Herr
And especially because of the unstable economic environment now,
millions of businesses are afraid to take risks, make any new investments,
or hire new workers because they don't know what the situation will
be for them even months from now, let alone years. And Congress
won't even let people know whether or not the Bush tax cuts will
be extended or allowed to expire after January 1st, 2011.
No one knows what to do. (I'm sure businesses and workers all across
America would prosper, if we could only abolish Congress.)

Regarding the
War on Terrorism and the Transportation Security Administration
(TSA), I am now terrified of flying. This is not because a terrorist
might hijack the plane, but because of the intrusiveness of what
people now have to endure when going through security checkpoints:
the pornographic X-rays, the frisking and groping, the searching
of my clothing and belongings, the harsh interrogations. Out of
their blind faith
in the State, the American sheeple have assumed that there should
be no alternative to the State's monopoly in territorial
, and have passively accepted the constantly growing
intrusions by the State against the people and their Liberty. As
an experienced pilot
has suggested
, the airlines should be responsible for their
security, not the government. And arm
the pilots
as well. And arm the passengers as well. In the meantime,
I won't fly.

And then there
are the anti-civil liberties, anti-Due Process presidential powers
that the Bush Administration had usurped, and that the Obama Administration
seems to enjoy having, of apprehending
and detaining individuals without actual suspicion, of extraordinary
rendition, torture, even presidentially-directed assassinations
of individuals deemed by the president and his agents to be "terrorists"
without due
or trial. And, given that the whole world, including
U.S. territory, is considered to be part of the Global Battlefield
in the Global War on Terror, and given that Homeland Security secretary
Janet Napolitano has issued warnings
against "right-wing extremists," essentially those who
disagree with Obama's policies, and given that I happen to be one
who disagrees with just about all of Obama's policies from his war
crimes to his communist social policies, then obviously no place
in America is safe, and it really is terrifying now.

And regarding
the federal government's intrusions into Americans' private health
matters, I know someone who has said that, because of the new ObamaCare
medical intrusions, he will not have his follow-up medical procedures
as long as ObamaCare is in place. He just doesn't want his medical
details being scrutinized by government
. And I also have some health situations for which
I rely very much on OTC vitamins and supplements. But, because the
Obama FDA wants to crack
on OTC supplement makers, that really is a direct threat
to me. I am literally terrified that these bureaucratic misfits
in Washington want to take away my only real means of keeping me
in (somewhat) good health, and all on behalf of Big
. It's disgusting how so many people in various federal
agencies are on the boards of large pharmaceutical industries, and
the cahoots between Big
Pharma and Big Government
, with lobbyists and campaign donations
to legislators to vote Big Pharma's way, is downright scary.

Also, because
the U.S. government has done nothing but provoke
Muslims in Middle Eastern countries to act against Americans, I
am terrified of another major terrorist attack in the U.S. It would
be solely because of what the U.S. government has been doing, especially
since 1990.
The U.S. government's actions of terrorism against innocents in
Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other parts of the Middle East,
and its intrusions into just about every aspect of daily life, have
been making me less safe, as well as all other Americans.

George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Bush's father George
H.W. Bush actually should all be tried for war crimes and terrorism,
especially against Muslims in the Middle East. The IRS, the FDA,
the TSA, and other extensions of the federal Leviathan also need
to be held accountable for their actions. If we can't have that,
then at the very least, the U.S. government must place itself on
the Terror Watch List, as it is the one organization that has been
most responsible for terrorizing the most people, ever.

Lazarowitz [send him mail]
is a commentator and cartoonist at

Best of Scott Lazarowitz

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