Washington's Latest Terror Warning

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I believe America today is trapped inside a nightmare dystopian novel combining the worst of Brave New World and George Orwell’s 1984 where we are forced to endure perpetual war, pervasive surveillance and constant attempts at public mind control. The term "Pavlov’s dog" usually describes the conditioning of individuals or a population who merely react to a repeated situation rather than using critical thinking.

This conditioning was a major theme of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World published in 1932 about a future totalitarian one-world state. Today a tragically similar environment allows a small group of elites to control and manipulate our nation to increase their enormous wealth through mercantilist central banking policies at the expense of our country, economy and citizens.

Now we are warned how 5 EU Airports Are Targets For A u2018Commando-Like Attack’ but how do we know this is a real threat based on actual intelligence instead of a false-flag operation to justify and create public support for expanded military action maybe in Pakistan?

Remember to date, the record for US intelligence getting anything right is very poor and on par with most government agencies and departments but they want us to believe they are doing better. Maybe it is time for more funding for their generally inept bureaucracies and they need a victory to justify their existence and additional funding or could this be CYA precaution in case the threat is real?

Daily we observe the apparent total incompetence of our Washington politicians, federal programs and actions here at home and abroad but they want us to believe in their latest terrorist attack warnings apparently planned by Osama bin Laden against European targets. From the news and background accounts in the establishment media, we are to assume the US State Department and intelligence services are right on top of the situation and getting even better. This should be expected as the War On Terror moves forward and our liberties and freedoms are forced to take a backseat for the duration of the conflict.

I don’t mean to be critical of "Washington intelligence" which is certainly an oxymoron in itself but they did miss the entire collapse of the Soviet Union. They also failed miserably regarding Iraq when they fell for the false intelligence of Saddam’s WMD provided by Iran which allowed the United States to take out the primary military power and bulwark holding back a resurgent Iran.

No one wants to admit the truth of how Washington has spent from $1 to $3 trillion dollars, thousands of Americans killed with tens of thousands more wounded, not to mention over 100,000 Iraqi civilians while the real victor in the war, Iran never fired a shot or spent a dollar.

But they want you to know US intelligence is improving since we somehow determined that Osama planned the 9/11 terror attacks within 2 hours of the planes striking the World Trade Center. Now we can even tie Osama into future terror attacks, (although we can’t find him or determine if he is alive) even before they take place.

How convenient Osama bin Laden has become when the Washington elites need to generate public support for an expansion of war and aggression. If an attack doesn’t happen, I’m sure they will be able to capture, waterboard and convict a few wannabe terrorists and save the day for Europe and America. After all, there really are millions of extremists who want to do us harm primarily because of our military aggression and foreign policy. We will be told, the failed attack was planned by bin Laden and he is obviously in Pakistan since we can’t find him in Afghanistan.

Therefore we will have reason to increase military incursions, drone attacks and continue to expand the Afghanistan war aimed at the Pashtun people there and in Pakistan. If a real or contrived terror attack actually happens, we still go into Pakistan with a European and American public clamoring with the aid of the media and neocon thinkers for vengeance and retribution.

I fear we are being conditioned for perpetual war abroad and a police state at home. Like Pavlov’s dogs I’m salivating already but not because I’m hungry for war but rather because I long for peace.

Ron Holland [send him mail] is a contributing editor to the Swiss Mountain Vision Newsletter and Swiss Confidential published by Appenzeller Business Press.

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