What You Should Know About Selecting Guns For Your Bug Out Bag

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by M.D. Creekmore: Survival
Is Also About Earning aLiving!



As Most of
you know, I’m not a big fan of the bug out bag survival strategy.
In a nutshell you’re voluntarily becoming, a refugee, but looking
at the recent disasters in New Orléans and Haiti it is obvious
that a bug out bag and strategy are not only needed but required
for anyone who is prepared.

A few days
ago we talked about bugging
out with children
and several months ago, I went into detail
about my
bug out bag contents
and get out of dodge survival strategy.

When reading
such lists it is important to keep in mind that any list is only
a suggestion. Everyone should look at their skills, situation and
location planning accordingly.

No two bug
out strategies will be the same nor will the contents of the bug
out bag. Your bug out bag should be put together with your personal
situation and needs in mind – only then will it be effective.

Today we will
take a quick look at choosing firearms for the bug out bag. Anytime,
I mention firearms or survival
I get flooded with comments from readers giving their suggestions
and advice.

I hope this
post will elicit such a response. If you have suggestions or questions,
by all means feel free to post them in the comments below. Please
keep in mind that we are only discussing the head for the hills
concept, and not the other possibilities available to the survivor.

Most will suggest
a .22 caliber rifle and often this is a prudent choice. A .22 caliber
rifle can take small game as well as larger game such as deer with
proper shot placement.

For foraging
purposes, firearms such as the Remington International 410 Ga/22
LR Over & Under are difficult to beat.

With the addition
of the 410 Ga shotgun being a significant advantage over having
just to 22 LR. ammunition is cheap and lightweight when compared
to other rounds and packing several thousand rounds in a bug-out
bag isn’t out of the question.

Another advantage
is relatively low report especially when using CB caps and the ability
to be effectively silenced with a homemade sound suppressor.

Just remembered
that such a device is illegal without proper government approval
and will land you behind bars if caught, and is suggested here for
a worst case scenario only.

The downside
of the .22 Long rifle round is limited range, penetration and stopping
power when used in a self-defense mode.

I suggest a
backup handgun chambered for a cartridge suitable for self-defense.
I would not go below a 9 mm or 38 special here. Anything less powerful
isn’t enough.

Even with a
9 mm and 38 special, I would seriously consider using only the +
P rounds such as the 115 or 124 grain JHP +P in the 9 mm or 158-grain
lead semi-wadcutter hollow point .38 Special +P for defensive purposes

Your location
would also determine weapons choice. For example those bugging-out
in grizzly country should definitely consider something more powerful
than the aforementioned 9 mm or 38 special.

My first choice
for protection against such large game would be a center-fire rifle
chambered for 30.06 or larger. My second choice would be a magnum
revolver with a 5.5" to 7.5" barrel chambered for .44
Magnum or larger.

I think it
is wise to avoid any armed confrontation if possible. Trust me you
are not a coward if you avoid the possibility of being shot in the
head. You are not expendable – neither are the lives of your
family or those in your bug out group. Those with the macho kill
‘em all attitude will not last very long.

With that being
said, a semi-auto military type rifle could be considered especially
if you are trying to get from an urban area to the country, where
facing organized gangs or other threats attempting to block your
exit could be a possibility.

An AR-15 with
collapsible buttstock or folding stocked AK-74
could help get you out of a dangerous situation.

What are your
thoughts or choices for bug-out firearms? We would love to hear
your thoughts in the comments below…

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15, 2010

Creekmore [send
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He currently lives completely off-grid somewhere in the Appalachian
mountains and is currently working on his upcoming book The
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