Six Weeks to a Healtier Brain

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UltraMind Solution: Fix Your Broken Brain by Healing Your Body First

focuses on the hidden epidemic of “broken brains” and
how the solutions do not involve the use of toxic drugs or chemicals.

Dr. Mark Hyman
has three previous NY Times best sellers, and it is likely
that this book will also be a NY Times best seller. He also
serves as editor in chief of probably the best alternative medical
journal, Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine. Prior
to that, he was the co-medical director of one of the most prestigious
high-end spas in the country, Canyon Ranch.

In his latest
book, The UltraMind Solution, he exposes the leading cause
of disability, which affects over one billion people worldwide.
Dr. Hyman provides a careful examination of the reasons why the
majority of us in the western world in the 21st century are suffering
from broken brains. We have an epidemic of neurological diseases
in our culture. Depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, autism and
attention deficit disorder are sky rocketing.

Dr. Hyman has
an interesting perspective in that he frequently visited China and
was exposed to more ancient healing traditions than are typically
taught in Western medical schools. He actually started a medical
center in Beijing in the mid 1990s. Beijing, as you probably know,
was and is highly polluted with many toxins floating around.

When he returned
home he developed chronic fatigue syndrome, and this catalyzed his
health journey and desire to learn as much as he could to reverse
his own illness with natural approaches.

As readers
of my newsletter are well aware, conventional treatments for this
epidemic of brain impairments are not only expensive, but they rarely
work and are invariably associated with troubling if not fatal side

He bases his
program on the seven keys to wellness, which he believes is not
only the solution to restoring brain function, but optimizing overall
health. The book then outlines a six-week brain-boosting program
on how to apply these principles to optimize brain function and

  1. Optimize
  2. Balance
    your hormones
  3. Cool off
  4. Fix your
  5. Enhance
  6. Boost your
    energy metabolism
  7. Calm your

There are many
roads to seeking health. Dr. Hyman and I share very similar philosophies,
so you will find many similarities in his program, which is highly
compatible with my philosophies and strategies to achieve health.

One of the
most intriguing points I learned in this book are some details of
soy that I was unaware of. Dr. Hyman explains that the consumption
of soy oil has increased 1,000-fold over the last century, and now
consists of 20 percent of all calories consumed in the American
diet. This is particularly troubling as nearly all of the soy oil
is genetically modified.

Overall, The
UltraMind Solution would make a fine addition to your health
library and complements the material that I post on my site, and
in my previous books.

1, 2010

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