Global Warming Fraud: The Tide Begins to Turn

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by James Delingpole: US
Physics Professor: ‘Global Warming Is the Greatest and Most Successful
Pseudoscientific Fraud I Have Seen in My Long Life’



Funny business,
blogging. Sometimes, you put up a post you personally think is genius
and no one gives a damn. Other times, you put up a post you imagine
is fairly routine – and suddenly the internet goes mental.

physics professor: “Global warming is the greatest and most
successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life”

definitely belonged in the latter category.

I claim no
credit for it. All I did was print, verbatim, a resignation letter
written by a distinguished US physics professor Hal Lewis to the
American Physical Society. Possibly I helped give it legs by singling
out the juiciest quote in the letter and putting it in the headline.
That’s all. The true hero of the hour is Professor Lewis for
having the courage to stick out his neck and say what so many thousands
of other scientists around the world would dearly love to say too:
that the global warming industry is a scam and sham.

But they can’t
because, like all of us, they have to make a living. I’ll leave
it to a commenter called Scotchman to explain how it works:

No surprise
here. Don’t know if any of you are scientists but climate
change is a bit of a standing joke in the science community. Want
funding for a study of, say, UK swan populations? Sorry old boy,
no money. Well, in that case I would like to conduct a study into
the effect of climate change on UK swan populations. Certainly,
how much would you like? Trouble is it distorts the research.
The scientist’s objective is to stay in a job, publish papers
and run a research team. Process takes precedent over results,
a bit like modern policing and medicine really.

And if you
wondered how much money is involved, here is Roman Column to explain:

The professor
wrote: “…the money flood has become the raison d’être
…” Let me present some figures below to see why “flood”
was not an exaggeration (extract from

Money Connection

So what
is going on here? In time-honored journalistic fashion, follow
the money:

  • The amount
    of money spent on anti-AGW activity by organizations is around
    US$2 million per year, primarily from Heartland.
  • The amount
    of money spent by pro-AGW organisations on research is about
    US$3 billion per year, about 1,000 times larger. It mainly comes
    from big government spending on pro-AGW climate research and
    on promoting the AGW message, and from the Greens.

  • Emissions
    trading by the finance industry was US$120 billion in 2008.
    This will grow to over US$1 trillion by 2012, and carbon emission
    permit trading will be the largest “commodity” market
    in the world—larger than oil, steel, rice, wheat etc. Typically
    the finance industry might pocket 1% – 5% of the turnover,
    so even now their financial interest matches the spending on
    pro-AGW activities and soon it will vastly exceed it.

And here’s
a physicist Phillip 2, putting Professor Lewis in context:

I too had
a long career as a physicist and I met Prof Hal Lewis at a conference
in 1976 (my career was not as long or as eminent as his). I will
never forget the talk he gave after dinner one evening. He spoke
for an hour without any notes and was truly inspiring; the room
was packed and all there were enthralled. A scientist of honour,
honesty and integrity. He is one of the last survivors of the
great physicists of the second half of the 20th century.

His words
of wisdom should be widely disseminated and heeded. “climate
scientists” are not scientists in comparison to him.

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14, 2010

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