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Landing in the email box today, the following from a loyal and attentive listener: "You’ve commented on how Republicans in the majority never reverse the legislative damage done by the previous Democratic congress — but you’ve never said why. Why?" ~ Inquisitive In Toledo Dear Inq

To understand why, we have to set the Wayback Machine to 1912 and meet the progressive tag team of King Roosevelt the First and Woodrow the Evil. Both demons used their position and influence to put progressives into leadership positions in their respective parties. Near the end of Woodrow’s reign, the Diabolical Duo realized there was a flaw in their grand scheme: the public so hated progressive policies, they would never vote for a progressive candidate. And so began Operation Wool-Over-Eyes.

Woody’s reign guaranteed certain defeat for Democrats and replacement by a non-progressive party. The Republican Party would pretend to be the anti-progressive party to keep outsiders from rolling back the progressive gains they had made. While the Republicans played “Stupid Party” in office, the Democrats changed their image to “liberal.” When King Roosevelt the Second took the throne, it became obvious the Democrats had not changed their progressive goals one scintilla.

To this day, you still see the same pattern. The Democrats are thrown out of office for progressive craziness. The Republicans come in, do nothing to undo the damage and act stupid. The Democrats with a new, improved image replace the stupid Republicans and pass more progressive legislation. The Tea Party Movement is a threat to this whole con game.

If honest men and women who believe in the Constitution replace the progressives, they would try to undo all the unconstitutional damage that has been done to our country over the last 100 years.

The Republican Party is really upset about losing Mike Castle (RINO-DE) because as a chairman he could block the new non-progressive representatives from getting anything done in Congress. The Tea Party people are the Barbarians at the gate and Castle was part of the gate.

All the conservative pundits inside the beltway who have been bad-mouthing Christine O’Donnell make their living convincing the public that the Republican and Democratic parties are two opposing forces instead of a Three Card Monty team bent on stealing your Freedom.

If nothing else, this is going to be the most entertaining midterm election I’ve ever seen. The Democrat slogan is “I didn’t do it.” Their story is they were all smoking in the boy’s room when Obama ran over to the capital building and passed all those God-awful bills. The incumbent Republicans will talk about Mom and apple pie. They’ll campaign in togas made out of American flags. With this flood of lies, forget the waders, get out the party barge!

I hear McCain is bringing George Washington and Ben Franklin to endorse him. Harry Reed is telling everyone Biden is really in charge of the Senate and it’s all his fault. Even Nancy is nervous enough to be passing out medical marijuana at the polls.

This will also be the dirtiest election we’ve seen in a long time. The mudslinging this year will fill Hoover dam. The best hope for the incumbents is to suppress turnout and negative campaigning suppresses turnout. The incumbents want to convince the Tea Party people there is no one worth voting for. So they don’t vote at all. That’s why Castle’s campaign in Delaware went negative, to keep voters at home. But it didn’t work. O’Donnell got twice the number of expected voters to the polls.

The incumbents are facing something they’ve never seen before: a populous that cares. People fear they are losing their country and are desperately trying to stop it.

The progressives, both Republican and Democrat, will not go quietly. There are trillions of dollars of power at stake in this game. The progressive are too close to their goal of total control to give up now.

Brian Wilson [send him mail], nationally ignored talk show host and occasional LRC un-indicted co-contributor, is currently annoying miniscule audiences in a number of markets from his technically challenged studios safely outside the dictatorship of Toledo. Brian may be endured from 3p—6p at www.wspd.com.

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