How to Survive Without a Salary

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by M.D. Creekmore: Water
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I found this
last fall while walking around a table at the local flea
market. The table was piled several books deep, end to end with
none displaying a price.

As I started
wading through the pile of books the guy on the other side of the
table looked up, spat a chew of skoal into an empty can, nice day
ain’t it, he said wiping his mouth with his sleeve.

Not bad –
now if we could get it to stay this way all the time we’d be
in good shape, I said; continuing to riffle through the mountain
of books. What’s the price on your books?

let’s see, novels are .50 each, hardcover’s $2 and the
rest $1.50 he said, dipping another pinch of tobacco from the can.
You like to read?

Yeah, when
I find the time. How about you, I asked?

Western type
fiction mostly and the Bible.

Tell you what
I’ll do, buy five and I’ll let you have the novels for
.25 and non fiction for $1 each, he said putting the lid back on
the can.

After about
twenty minutes of fighting my way through the pile of books, I left
with nine titles, including a copy of How
to Survive WITHOUT A Salary
by Charles Long. When I got
back to the trailer, I put the books into my read pile.

I managed to
read several during the winter, finishing How to Survive WITHOUT
A Salary a few weeks ago. While not an end of the world type
book, How to Survive WITHOUT A Salary does offer some good
advice and mental mindset needed to live on less.

He states in
the preface:

something about this so-called global economy that reminds me
of the sanitary worker who falls in a cess pool. To his great
relief he discovers a bump on the bottom where, if he stands on
his tip-toes and stretches his neck, he can just keep his mouth
above the surface of the muck. To his great dismay he also discovers
that taking a step in any direction only makes his predicament
worse. He refuses all offers of help, muttering through clenched
lip: “Don’t make a wave… Don’t make a wave…

As survivalists
we plan and prepare for a multitude of disasters, often forgetting
about the need to survive everyday life and live on less.

I’m afraid
the current economy, or lack of , will force many to live the conserver
lifestyle — if they want to or not. The U.S. is built on consumer
debt, if you’re in debt the employers and the bankers own you
and you have no choice but to participate.

So the first
step to the conserver lifestyle is to get out of debt and stay out.
I worked for years for a hardwood flooring company. Ten hours a
day six days a week, during peak production. I was running on a
treadmill, never actually getting anywhere.

Sure, I had
stuff — or more accurately, the bank did. They were kind enough to
let me borrow it, as long as I paid the monthly payments. I was
in misery, with two options — work 20 hours per day or live
on less.

This was the
main disagreement, the ex-wife and I had, ultimately leading to

She wanted
glistening things to show her friends and I wanted a life. No compromise,
it was her way or the highway. I chose the pavement, or more accurately
the travel trailer on junk land and couldn’t be happier.

How to Survive
WITHOUT A Salary offers techniques, tips and advice that will
not only help you live cheaper but acquire the proper attitude needed
to make changes to better your life and become more self-reliant.

Some of the
subjects covered include, the secondhand market, buying at auctions,
accessing needs, making a casual income, budget, food, clothing,
entertainment, taxes, being poor, barter, downsizing and a lot more
in its 200 pages.

It’s a
good book, that will help you not only save, but make money, but
I don’t recommend you buy it new. If you can find it used like
I did, by all means buy it or better yet, check the library.

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23, 2010

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He currently lives completely off-grid somewhere in the Appalachian
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