Why Natural?

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by Margaret Durst: Fluid

Why not, would
you rather be unnatural? Think about it, huge amounts of money go
into our medical system – mostly from pharmaceutical companies
that are pushing drugs that are most definitely not natural.

If you are
wondering what is wrong with drugs, just listen to some of the many
commercials for drugs on television – or read a magazine. I
was astonished by the number of drug advertisements in Prevention
magazine – based on the majority of their advertisers, they
should consider changing their name. But the point here is the total
# of pages dedicated to the warnings and side effects of each drug.
Each drug had 2–3 pages and the print required some pretty strong
reading glasses.

Now what I
really object to is that none of the drugs do more than control
symptoms. I will be the first to say that there is a time that controlling
symptoms is absolutely necessary, but should our entire medical
system be dedicated to this??

Under these
rules, the sick just get sicker. Follow the average person over
a few years. First they take a blood pressure medication, then add
one for cholesterol and then they need to add another one because
they now need 2 for blood pressure, and then they have to control
acid reflux, then they need some to sleep and so on.

Something just
is not right about this kind of system. Who gets rich? And whose
health is better?

we all just want better health? And there just has to be a better
way than conventional medicine as we know it. My better way is natural.
Now it may not be natural to take as many supplements as I do, but
I feel great, my blood pressure is low normal, my cholesterol is
usually around 200 with good ratios, I rarely get sick, and I have
plenty of energy to cook, clean, have fun with my family and ride
my horses.

Most people
on medication do not make the same claims as I do. In fact, many
want help controlling symptoms caused by their medication. Go figure.

So again, why
natural? I think that working with the body and engaging it in the
healing process – rather than just shutting down the body’s
way of reporting trouble ends up with better health in the long
run. I think we should all start working with a preventive model
as early as possible.

I like natural
health alternatives because they give the body nutrients that help
it repair itself. For example, herbal diuretics also strengthen
the kidneys where the drug version weakens them. There are natural
remedies for circulation that help with the symptoms of poor circulation
while improving the health of veins and arteries and also strengthening
the heart. Etc.

The other thing
about our current system is that you have to wait until you get
a “disease” until you get treatment. If my memory is failing
in my 50’s, should I just wait until I am 70 and get diagnosed
with Alzheimers or dementia so then I can get the drug? Why not
take something like Focus Attention, ginkgo or phosphatidyl serine
and see if it works? Maybe I can head off dreaded degenerative conditions.

I always wonder
what the true cost of natural vs. conventional medical is. Wouldn’t
it be cheaper to just stay healthy? What about quality of life?

I don’t
know what your opinion is, but I will be here taking my herbs and
putting my money where my mouth is – both literally and figuratively.

Durst owns The
Green House
, a vitamin, herb and health food store in Mason,

Best of Margaret Durst

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