The Mandatory Service Bill and the Impending Attack On Iran

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by Derek Sheriff: Arizonans
Dare to Defy the Feds Again!



Rep. Charles
Rangel may be in trouble because he is your standard corrupt district
of criminals opportunist, but that has not killed his mandatory
slavery bill. On July 15, Rangel
introduced H.R. 5741
, the Universal National Service Act, and
it was referred to the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Military
Personnel on July 23. Even though the bill does not have co-sponsors,
it is currently under debate.

“I have introduced
legislation to reinstate the draft and to make it permanent during
time of war. It is H.R. 5741, and what this does is to make everyone
between the ages of 18 and 42 — whether they’re men or women, whether
they’re straight or gay — to have the opportunity to defend this
great country whenever the president truly believes that our national
security is threatened,” Rangel said from the floor of the House.

Rangel specifically
said the legislation is designed to be used “during time of war.”
On the day before Rangel’s slavery bill went to the House Armed
Services Subcommittee on Military Personnel, Texas Rep. Louis
Buller Gohmert introduced House Resolution 1553
. It has since
been referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs.

support for the State of Israel's right to defend Israeli sovereignty,
to protect the lives and safety of the Israeli people, and to use
all means necessary to confront and eliminate nuclear threats posed
by the Islamic Republic of Iran, including the use of military force
if no other peaceful solution can be found within reasonable time
to protect against such an immediate and existential threat to the
State of Israel,” Gohmert’s
resolution states

Language contained
in the resolution condemns Iran u201Cfor its threats of annihilating
the United States and the State of Israelu201D (threats Iran has never
issued) and supports the use of u201Call means of persuading the Government
of Iran to stop building and acquiring nuclear weapons” (nuclear
weapons Iran does not have and does not possess the capability to
produce). Gohmert’s bill supports Israel's “right” to use u201Call means
necessary to confront and eliminate nuclear threats posed by Iran.u201D

In 2007, Mohamed
, at the time the head of the International Atomic Energy
Agency, said Iran did not have nuclear material and also stated
that the country did not have a weaponization program.

Also in 2007,
the National
Intelligence Council
, where U.S. mid-term and long-term strategic
policy is formulated for the intelligence community, stated “with
moderate-to-high confidence… Iran does not currently have
a nuclear weapon.u201D

“There is no
evidence that Iran has made a decision to produce nuclear weapons,”
said Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei
while speaking out against sanctions on Iran.

In July 21,
the day before Gohmert introduced House Resolution 1553, Iranian
Parliament Speaker Ali
said the U.S. and Russia know that Iran does not have
any nuclear weapons.

Despite the
fact there is no evidence of an Iranian nuclear weapons program
and no indication Iran plans to attack Israel, let alone the absurd
notion it will attack the United States, Israel and the United States
are preparing to attack Iran. The claim Iran plans to attack the
United States is ironically reminiscent of the neocon accusation
that Saddam Hussein planned to attack the U.S., one of several obvious
falsehoods used as an excuse to invade.

“Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak of Israel have
been shuttling between Washington and Tel Aviv, pushing for crippling
economic sanctions that even they concede will not change Iran’s
nuclear policy. These sanctions are being put in place, both by
the United States and its allies. The open prediction that they
will fail is meant to indicate just one thing — military attacks
are inevitable,” writes Muhammad
for PBS. “The rhetorical rationale for attacking Iran
keeps coming out of Washington. Most astonishingly, there is a resolution
before the U.S. Congress, signed by one-third of the Republican
caucus, that urges support for Israeli military attacks on Iran….
The resolution, H. Res. 1553, represents a green light for a bombing
campaign. It provides explicit support for military strikes.”

The bomb Iran
consensus was underscored late last month when former CIA director
told CNN’s State of the Union that a military attack
against Iran “seems inexorable.” Hayden added that in his “personal
thinking, I have begun to consider that that may not be the worst
of all possible outcomes.” In other words, for Hayden, mass murder
is preferable to diplomacy.

“The next step
is tough sanctions, economic sanctions. Frankly it’s a last chance
for Iran to avoid giving the rest of the world, including the United
States, a hard choice between allowing Iran to go nuclear and using
military power to stop them from doing that,” said Sen.
Joe Lieberman
in April.

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3, 2010

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