Don't Say We Didn't Warn You: RFID-Embedded Bins in Cleveland

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What was
once a laughable plot of a late night science fiction movie, this
nightmare of secret government implantation of microchips and the
clandestine gathering of intimate information is now a reality in
the United Kingdom and is not beyond the realm of possibility in
the United States. It is certain that somewhere there is an American
bureaucrat with a penchant for privacy pilfering that is slavering
over the power granted by eco-fascists to his British cousins. For
that reason, it is imperative that Americans refuse steadfastly
to slouch along the constantly monitored path to servitude that
is being set out for our fellow Anglophones.

Those were
the now-prophetic words written by this author in March of this
year in a
describing the surreptitious implantation of microchips
in the trashcans of 2.6 million Britons ostensibly to encourage
them to recycle. The monitors were placed in the bins without the
knowledge of the owners, and the data collected from them were transmitted
to local government computers and collated with additional personal
information gathered from other sources.

Not content
with sending us their cheddar cheese and their tea, the English
have now exported their terrifying trash technology to the United
States. In a story almost too chilling to believe,
The Cleveland Plain Dealer
exposed a new program that
the City of Cleveland is set to roll out next year to make sure
residents are going green.

On August 18,
the Cleveland City Council announced that it had approved a $2.5
million budget request for the high-tech carts for 25,000 customers.
The recycling carts will contain a radio frequency identification
(RFID) chip that will send a signal to the city’s waste management
department every time the recycling cart is rolled to the curb.
If too much time passes without a signal being received, the city
will send out a “trash supervisor” to rifle through the
trash in search of recyclable items.

If the rubbish
regulators find that the regular trash cart contains more than 10
percent recyclable material, then a $100 fine could be imposed on
the guilty planet haters.

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27, 2010

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