Beware of Mosque-Building Muslims

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by Britt Combs: New
Tom Woods Book Will ‘Nullify’ Any Reservations About States’Rights



Some ideas
are so dingy you assume people must be kidding. When lunatics like
and Fox News contributor Andrew
bleat that a secret
of atheistic “liberals” like the
and his loyal army of Muslim terrorists are working
together to realize their common goal — the imposition of “Sharia
Law” on the American people, well what else can you assume?

This wild nonsense
has been escalating for years. Ten years ago we heard that 19 highjackers
were merely the vanguard for “hundreds of millions” of crack suicide
troops, anxious, even gleeful, to martyr themselves killing Americans.
They hate our freedom, our way of life and democracy. They hate
semi-naked women and sausage biscuits so passionately they will
gladly die to hurt us.

made conciliatory comments even while mobilizing America
for a permanent “War of Terror” by calling Islam a religion of peace.
But his followers knew he was speaking tongue-in-cheek. He had to
say that to keep the damn liberals from freaking out. Bush
could say whatever he wanted, but Rush Limbaugh never repeated that
hippie talk. Ann
went so far as to suggest we should literally launch
a new crusade, specifically to convert Muslims to Christianity at

It’s only gotten
worse since then.

One particularly
nutty Web site
, Jihad Watch, says there are two kinds of Islam:
“Terror Jihad,” which blows up buildings as on 9/11 and “Stealth
Jihad” which disarms its enemies by not blowing things up. The stealth
Jihadist pretends to be nice and neighborly. Then, when your back
is turned, Presto! he builds a mosque. Next thing you know, it’s
Sharia Law.

How do they
think Muslims can enforce their religious code in America? Breed
like rats until they are the majority, then get elected to Congress
and change the Constitution? Never mind the logistics, friends;
they’ll put Sharia on us if we don’t kill them first. We must nuke
the enemy in order to preserve the peace.

Today, as
plans come together to build “Cordoba House” a sort of Muslim equivalent
to the YMCA, complete with a mosque, on the south end of Manhattan,
two huge city blocks way from the old World
Trade Center
, hysterical
right-wing media
turned that into a “mosque at ground zero.”
As if there hadn’t been mosques in New
York city
before. Sarah
told her numbskulls that the very idea of a mosque in
Manhattan is “a provocation” and “a stab in the heart.”

It’s not just
in New
. Lunatics
in Murfreesboro,
showed up to protest the construction of mosques, hoping the county
will block
building permits

A mosque is
just too painful for 9/11 survivors to see, we are told. I imagine
the sight of a Christian
might be painful to American Indians. Surely French Huguenots
feel a stab in the heart when they see a Roman
Catholic church
under construction.

of the Hal Lindsey variety remind us that Islam’s Holy Koran is
replete with instructions to the faithful to kill infidels. It is
common to hear Islam portrayed as a shadowy system of government,
bent on world domination and terrorism, not a religion at all. If
the Koran is full of sociopathic calls to murder, can we not say
the same thing of our own Holy Bible? Have you read the Old Testament?
the women, kill the children,
slaughter the cattle and leave
them to rot. Not
one shall be left alive
. They shall surely be stoned. Suffer
not a witch to live. Slit
the lamb’s throat
and spill his blood on the holy alter of God.
Excuse that as you will, but you can’t deny it’s there. As Christians
we have to each come to terms with it.

We manage
somehow. We don’t go from getting saved at the alter call to gunning
down infidels next week because it’s in the Bible that we should.
At least most of us don’t; Eric
did. As believers, we just assume the Lord was in a
really bad mood that day and skip ahead to the nice parts, like
“love one another, for love is of God…”

Why is it so
hard to imagine that Muslims generally take their holy book with
a grain of salt, just as we do?

As I write,
many Americans are urging
Israel to attack Iran
. We send money to radical Israeli politicians,
urging them to go for the throat and show no mercy to Palestinians.
House Republicans promise to join the attack. Aside from a few half-hearted,
vague promises to pull out a few troops far in the future, the
has shown none of his campaign dovishness. We surround
on two sides. Whatever rank and file Democrats may believe, Democrats
in power are just as hawkish as the Republicans. Meanwhile American
school kids are taught the blatant lie that government spending
and World War II ended the Depression that freedom caused.

are thirsty for Muslim blood, Israel
is governed by genocidal lunatics, both of America’s political parties
are completely sold on endless war, the people are convinced that
war brings good living and prosperity and the military industry
sees dramatic profits on the horizon. And you wonder why on earth
would want a nuclear bomb?

The Lord once
promised, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called
the children of God.” He must have known when he said it that he
probably wouldn’t have to make good on it. How many peacemakers
do you know?

Religious tolerance isn’t something we do because
it’s an alleged founding principle; who cares about the traditions
and principles of dead men? We practice tolerance because we are
decent; we are not dogs. We act like we weren’t raised in a shed
out back. Recent debate about the religious liberties of American
Muslims has not only cast tolerance aside, but unearthed deeper
issues from the darkest parts of the human soul.

The dispute about Cordoba House – which upper-class politicians
and pundits have deceptively (and opportunistically) dubbed the
“Ground Zero Mosque” – has simply got to stop. It’s no longer
funny. After last week’s column, one
reader promised to bomb the mosque. Imagine that. Readers are publicly
threatening, promising to commit acts of murder and terror mere
“steps away” from Ground Zero.

, Sarah
, Jay
, Bill Bennett and hosts of lesser pundits plumbed new
depths of depravity, manufacturing a scandal where there was none.
They did everything they could to get the unwashed masses’ panties
in a collective wad about the Cordoba House, and it worked. To America’s
everlasting shame, the people let themselves be reduced to a ravening

In a regrettably rare moment of right-mindedness, the president
accurately and correctly framed the situation. He said he has no
dispute with people exercising their constitutional religious rights
on private property in accordance with local laws and ordinances.
Part of that statement is so important it deserves a line of its
own, without qualifiers.


There. The most beautiful words in the English language. And the
opportunistic and treacherous Republican intelligentsia completely
missed it. Republicans and Tea Partiers, I implore you: you cannot,
must not, simply cannot demand that government force be brought
to bear against the exercise of property rights.

We slept and woke up in a bizarro universe, where Democrats (God
help us all) are championing property and religious freedom and
the Republicans are brazenly and unashamedly demanding that big
government use the violence and power at its disposal to prevent
the free exercise of religion and the development and use of property.

The lies have barraged us in machine gun bursts. Cordoba House
is blocks, not “a few steps” as the simple-minded and incurious
Sarah Palin said – from the old World Trade Center site.

Andrew McCarthy said that Cordoba House is an example of Islamic
triumphalism, the tendency to build mosques on sites of great victories.
No it is not. It is an example of Islamic exercise of private property
rights. Something that until last week Republicans used to claim
to favor.

O’Reilly admitted the Muslims had rights to the property they own,
but said it was “inappropriate” and “insensitive.” So now Republicans
suddenly believe we should legislate based on “feelings” and being
all “sensitive.” Do Republicans, of all people, now honestly mean
to say that Americans must refrain from any act that hurts others’
feelings? Our freedoms end when someone gets their feelings hurt?

We discussed this business about hurt feelings last
. I said there were plenty of people who no doubt get their
feelings hurt remembering massacres and injustices committed by
Christians against Indians; American soldiers against Muslims. I
asked if we should stop building Christian churches to spare the
Indians’ feelings, or stop displaying the U.S. flag to spare the
feelings of Filipino Muslims. I got lots of hysterical responses,
but not one reader addressed that blatant double standard. No, we
must abolish all religious liberty and property rights to spare
the “families of 9/11″ but we needn’t bother about the namby-pamby
feelings of our victims; they deserved it.

No one addressed that point, because they can’t justify it. What
can they say?

, of the American Family Association, an ostensibly Christian
organization, said that “permits should not be granted to build
even one more mosque in the United States.” He said he can literally
see into the hearts of each and every mosque, every cleric, every
worshipper, and he has seen that they are all animated by one goal;
the overthrow of America and, of course, Sharia Law. Fischer has
single-handedly judged more than a billion human souls and found
them all wanting and damnable.

Not long ago, Christians found that sort of presumption to be not
only objectionable, but blasphemous. No longer. Today we have a
New New Covenant and the Golden Rule no longer applies to us.

Sarah Palin was near tears Monday night on Fox News, demanding
that the president use his “clout” and “pull” to “encourage” the
Muslims to choose another site for their mosque. O’Reilly had similar
comments. It didn’t dawn on either of them that they might offer
to purchase the old Burlington Coat Factory fair and square, just
like the Muslims did, and use their property rights to put it to
more “appropriate” use.

Why didn’t that occur to them? Because they want the issue to excite
the dumbest voters into a rage that will endure through November.
O’Reilly was practically dancing on his chair that 60 percent of
Americans oppose the Cordoba House’s construction. Obama, O’Reilly
said, is on the unpopular side of an issue that will “do him no
good at all.” I don’t often say this, but good for Obama. For once
he has taken the right side of an issue without weighing the political

It seems puerile to say this, but a lot of you seem to have forgotten
it: Right is right and true is true, even if no one acknowledges
it. Justice doesn’t need to be popular. If 60 percent of Americans
are vehemently opposed to religious liberty and the free exercise
of private property rights, then 60 percent of Americans are stupid
and wrong.

I shudder for my country. We’re a hair’s breadth from a new national
socialist republic of America. It sounds absurd, but what can you
say when the majority of Americans are absolutely zealous about
depriving the basic human rights of their fellow Americans?

You can object; you can say that denying them the right to build
mosques on their private property is not the same as rounding them
up into camps and gassing them. But how far removed is it? The majority
of Germans in the late 1930s had no problem seeing Jews barred from
commerce and run out of their homes. They probably wouldn’t have
approved of the camps and the gassings, but once government learned
that the people approved stripping the Jews of their rights, the
camps and the killings were a natural progression. All it took was
a general contempt among the masses for the Jews’ humanity, and
government handles the rest. There is a general disregard for the
humanity of Muslims in America today.

That’s an extreme scenario, granted, but I submit that you cannot
use the dehumanizing, exclusionary rhetoric these Republicans have
been invoking recently, whipping the uncivilized, unschooled and
unsophisticated masses into a vengeful frenzy, without inviting

Are Democrats any defense against the rising tide of ethnic cleansing?
Sensitive to the political winds, Democrats like Sen. Harry Reid
are cynically jumping ship, opposing Cordoba House. Of course, he
is a man who hates property and religious liberty. It’s no surprise
if he acts spinelessly. But I tell you this: No man of principle
wishes to see government force trump religious and property rights.
Not one.

The day after his religious and property rights comments sparked
a Fox News-proclaimed “firestorm,” the president said that he had
no comment about the “wisdom” of building a mosque in Manhattan.
Republicans quickly proclaimed that a “backtrack,” but his clarification
was in no way inconsistent with the earlier comment.

Do you Tea Partiers see what you’re doing? Has it penetrated your
concrete skulls that the one time Obama stands up for constitutional
liberty you are cussing him and demanding big government move to
crush the free exercise of property rights? Does that seem at all
ironic to you?

You’ve had your emotions manipulated. You’ve been played for fools.
As we discussed last week, the war enthusiasts, frustrated with
their inability to sell Obama on attacking Iran, now hope to present
him with a fait accompli by getting Israel to attack. They hope
to force Obama to join the bloodbath already in progress. Former
U.N. ambassador and infamous vampire John Bolton has publicly
invited Israel
to let some blood before the weekend. The neoconservatives
are pulling all the stops, and they hope to manipulate you into
supporting it by getting you worked up over an issue no one in his
right mind could possibly give a damn about.

If the Republican leaders and their fellow war enthusiasts across
the aisle get their way, we could be quite possibly in the midst
of World War III by next week. And if you spent the week before
the war broke out sweating about some damn fool mosque, my friends,
then shame on you. Shame on you.

with permission from The McDowell

20, 2010

and columnist Britt Combs [send
him mail
] writes for The
McDowell News

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