Questions: Health, Taxes, and Citizenship

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by Simon Black: 3
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This weekend
I’ll be in a forgotten corner of eastern Hungary, just south
of the Polish border and just west of the Ukrainian border; it’s
a beautiful area, adorned with splendid castles and palaces that
were commonplace during the Hungary’s days as a powerful kingdom.

One of the
interesting things about the area is the abundance of natural hot
springs. There’s an interesting mountain cave in place called
Miskolctapolca where the water is a balmy 31C (88F) and contains
a variety of aromatic minerals.

Many ancient
cultures believe in the healing powers of these natural hot springs,
especially to reduce bone and joint stress, ease respiratory infections,
and relax the muscles.

On that note
of health, this week’s first question is from G. Mitchell Sr.:

I’m finding much useful information in the e-letters, but
here’s a question I’ve not seen addressed – I’m
just home after six weeks away. I now find that I’ve put
on about five pounds/2.7 kilos. How the bloody do you keep fit
whilst travelling full time?”

Nothing is
more important than our health… and it’s true that traveling
can take a toll. Eating out every night can lead to weight gain,
and it’s easy to skip out on the gym. Fundamentally, though,
staying healthy is a question of priorities and lifestyle.

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