Obama the Socialist Fascist Communist

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A recent poll
showed that 55% of Americans believe that Barack Obama is a "socialist,"
and many Americans believe that the nation is on the "road
to socialism."

The road
to socialism? Where have these people been for the last 75 years?
America has been a socialist — as well as fascist — nation for many
decades, especially since FDR's New Deal. Socialism primarily is
public ownership of wealth, property and the means of production.
So, of course Obama is a socialist. He has expressed

For some reason,
many people mistakenly believe that Social Security, an important
outcome of the New Deal, is a program in which some of Americans'
earnings are taken and put into some kind of "savings account,"
to be available to them when they retire. In actuality, Social Security
is a real-time redistribution of wealth scheme administered by the
State, in which income is taken from producers and redistributed
to non-producers, mainly retired persons and the elderly. LBJ's
Medicare program is an extension of this.

Further examples
to show that Obama is a socialist include his vote as a U.S. Senator
in favor of the Wall
Street Bailout
, often mistakenly seen as an example of "capitalism,"
but which was actually an example of socialism: redistribution of
wealth from the middle-class workers and producers to the already
rich Wall Street bankers and financial executives.

Obama also
clearly supports the ongoing military socialism through the wars
he has been continuing and strengthening abroad: redistribution
of wealth from American workers and producers to defense contractors,
consultants and lobbyists, oil executives and Wall
bankers, which really has been a main objective for American
wars throughout the last century. As the late USMC Maj. Gen. Smedley
would say, "War
is a Racket

And as the
late economist Murray Rothbard put
, regarding World War I:

Woodrow Wilson’s
decision to enter the war may have been the single most fateful
action of the 20th century, causing untold and unending misery
and destruction. But Morgan profits were expanded and assured.

Things have
not changed in 100

Obama's stated
intention has been for redistribution of wealth as a means to help
the poor, the underprivileged and so on. But his unstated intention
is the same as all politicians of his ilk: to reach into as much
private wealth as possible as a means towards expanding State power
and control.

Many people
also mistakenly believe that Obama's medical takeover is "socialized
medicine," but we already have socialized medicine in Medicare
as mentioned, and other similar programs. ObamaCare is actually
a fascist program.

Fascism is
another major aspect of FDR's New Deal, which gave us an untold
number of regulations, mandates and enmeshments between business
and government. Fascism primarily is State control over privately
owned property, wealth and industry. All government mandates and
regulation of private economies are examples of fascism. ObamaCare
consists of one mandate and regulation after another of private
doctor-patient relationships, patient/doctor-insurance company relationships,
and a laundry list of medical related industries.

In addition
to ObamaCare fascism and Obama's strengthening of his own executive
dictatorial powers as president, some other examples of Obama's
fascism include his new financial regulations, and the environmental
regulations that he used as a means of interfering with Louisiana
Gov. Bobby Jindal's
to protect the people of Louisiana from the oil spill that
threatens their livelihoods.

While allowing
doctors' practices, HMOs, and insurance companies to continue to
be privately owned, the federal government will nevertheless dictate
to them how their contracts and associations will be run. However,
given a variety of factors, this dictatorial control over the medical
industry will most likely lead these still privately owned interests
into bankruptcy, much like what the federal government has done
to the financial and mortgage lending industries, and the federal
government will most probably take upon ownership, as well
as control, of much of these industries.

That is where
Obama's communism comes in. The "road to socialism"?
No, already there. Fascism? Already there. But are we on the road
to communism? You betchya!

Communism is,
by and large, complete State ownership and control of all industry,
wealth and property, and the means of production. So far, we have
seen this from Obama in his leading the charge of confiscation of
much of the automobile industry, as well as the federal government's
ownership of much of the mortgage and finance industries. And eventually,
most likely, the entire medical industry.

Whether Obama
is intentionally implementing a communist America by way of long-planned
as some people have suggested he is doing, or whether he has a communist
agenda by way of his long-time partnership with admitted terrorist
bomber and "small-c communist" Bill
, or whether Obama follows the teachings of "radical
community organizer" (or "communizer") Saul
, is actually not as important as Obama's actual actions
as president.

So far, we
have noted that Barack Obama is:

  • A Socialist.
    He supports public ownership of the means of production, redistribution
    of wealth from some segments of society to others.
  • A Fascist.
    He supports State control over private industries and the means
    of production, and just about every aspect of citizens' daily
  • A Communist.
    He supports State ownership as well as control of industry and
    the means of production.

But what isn't

  • A Capitalist.

Barack Obama
is not a capitalist because he opposes voluntary exchange,
private property rights, voluntary contracts, associations and markets
free of State intrusions, and under the Rule of Law. The true capitalist,
voluntary exchange-private property system that coexists with individual
liberty is exactly what the American Founders believed in, for which
they fought a Revolution to have and preserve for their posterity.
This capitalist system is the only system that exists under the
Rule of Law that protects all individuals in such a society from
the theft and trespass of others including agents of the State.

In contrast,
socialism, fascism and communism all institutionalize the violation
of the Rule of Law as they institutionalize the violation of all
individuals' inherent rights to life, liberty and justly acquired

In those totalitarian
systems, the individual is a sacrificial animal for the collective,
and a serf for the State.

Alas, America
has not actually experienced true capitalism, at least not since
the U.S. Constitution was written and ratified, and especially not
since the presidency of hardcore banking and monetary fascist and
warmonger-business protectionist Abraham

The choice
for America is whether to continue on the road to communism, or
to turn back, dismantle all of it, and restore our freedom and prosperity.

Lazarowitz [send him mail]
is a commentator and cartoonist at Reasonandjest.com.

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