Mainstream Media's Dirty Little Secret About Racist Charges

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by Robert Wenzel: Mark
Cuban Would Like to Grab Facebook Photos for FacialRecognition



At different
times, mainstream media has raised the absurd charge that two of
the most respectful men on the planet, Ron Paul and Rand Paul, are

Often when
mainstream media launches these charges, they know full well they
aren’t true. In fact, sometimes they are in on the plot from the
start to deceive with the charges.

How can I make
this charge?

Because left
wing MSM writer, Spencer Ackerman, just got caught attempting to
brand a neo-con, Fred Barnes, a racist, and it’s clear Ackerman
didn’t give a hoot if the charges were true or not.

Barnes in WSJ detailing the ugly plot:

When I’m
talking to people from outside Washington, one question inevitably
comes up: Why is the media so liberal? The question often reflects
a suspicion that members of the press get together and decide
on a story line that favors liberals and Democrats and denigrates
conservatives and Republicans.

My response
has usually been to say, yes, there’s liberal bias in the media,
but there’s no conspiracy. The liberal tilt is an accident of
nature. The media disproportionately attracts people from a liberal
arts background who tend, quite innocently, to be politically
liberal. If they came from West Point or engineering school, this
wouldn’t be the case.

Now, after
learning I’d been targeted for a smear attack by a member of an
online clique of liberal journalists, I’m inclined to amend my
response. Not to say there’s a media conspiracy, but at least
to note that hundreds of journalists have gotten together, on
an online listserv called JournoList, to promote liberalism and
liberal politicians at the expense of traditional journalism.

My guess
is that this and other revelations about JournoList will deepen
the distrust of the national press. True, participants in the
online clubhouse appear to hail chiefly from the media’s self-identified
left wing. But its founder, Ezra Klein, is a prominent writer
for the Washington Post. Mr. Klein shut down JournoList
last month – a wise decision.

It’s thanks
to Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller website that we know something
about JournoList, though the emails among the liberal journalists
were meant to be private. (Mr. Carlson hasn’t revealed how he
obtained the emails.) In June, the Daily Caller disclosed
a series of JournoList musings by David Weigel, then a Washington
Post blogger assigned to cover conservatives. His emails showed
he loathes conservatives, and he was subsequently fired.

This week,
Mr. Carlson produced a series of JournoList emails from April
2008, when Barack Obama’s presidential bid was in serious jeopardy.
Videos of the antiwhite, anti-American sermons of his Chicago
pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, had surfaced, first on ABC and
then other networks.

contributors discussed strategies to aid Mr. Obama by deflecting
the controversy. They went public with a letter criticizing an
ABC interview of Mr. Obama that dwelled on his association with
Mr. Wright. Then, Spencer Ackerman of The Washington Independent
proposed attacking Mr. Obama’s critics as racists. He wrote:

the right forces us all to either defend Wright or tear him down,
no matter what we choose, we lose the game they’ve put upon us.
Instead, take one of them – Fred Barnes, Karl Rove, who cares
– and call them racists. . . . This makes them ‘sputter’
with rage, which in turn leads to overreaction and self-destruction."

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24, 2010

Economic Policy Journal

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