Is It Time to Leave America?

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I am asked
this question more often than you would expect.

Clearly, many
people are thinking things are only going to get worse and not get
better any time soon in America.

The short answer
is that no one has to leave TODAY, but a lot of people should be
preparing to leave. The world is a very complex place, as Mises
and Hayek taught us. It is hard to know with exactness much too
far in advance what will happen. Right now it looks like the trend
is toward more and more regulation, which will suffocate life in
America. It’s possible that could change, but the wise person is
thinking about escape routes.

One of the
problems I have with those who ask me about leaving America is that
they seem to think about it in a macro sense, that is, they assume
there will come a day when there is a clear signal that everyone
should leave.

I don’t believe
that will be the case. If more regulations come forth out of Washington
D.C., as it appears they will, it will affect some more than others,
and may pass others by completely.

Medical doctors
are at the top of the list, in my view, of those who should be thinking
about leaving the U.S. soon. They should be pretty close to packing
their bags. Once Obamacare kicks-in, Medical rates will be controlled
by the government. How a doctor treats a patient will be controlled.
What types of patients a doctor will be able to see will be controlled.
If I was a physician, I would start thinking about setting up in
one of the Caribbean Islands or South America, close enough to the
U.S. so that wealthy Americans would be willing to fly to be treated.

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13, 2010

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