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by M.D. Creekmore: Review:
The Backyard Homestead



The amount
of emails hitting my Inbox makes my head spin. I just checked my
inbox and in the last 30 minutes I’ve had 43 emails….
and it is Monday morning as I write this (off-peak) I’m sure
this number will grow with the day.

On a single
day last week I had 339 emails – it was a fairly ‘normal’

I try to answer
everyone, but sometimes it’s impossible because of sheer number
received and time restraints. If you’ve sent an email and I’ve
failed to answer, I’m sorry. I’ll try to do better…

Many of the
emails are from readers asking for help. Their requests are varied
and include:

  • questions
    about the topics I’m writing about
  • emails of
    thanks and encouragement from readers who appreciate the site
  • ‘pitches’
    asking me to feature products or link to posts
  • enquiries
    from advertisers
  • submissions
    by potential guest posters
  • complaints
    about something that has been written

But the number
one inquiry is for product and book recommendations – usually
in the form of “could you recommend a basic, yet complete survival
library of around ten books”,
so I’ve decided to list my recommendations here and use this
post as an answer to this question, that I can link to in my response.

Top Twelve Survival Book Recommendations

1. The
New Complete Book Of Self-Sufficiency
by John Seymour
2. The
New Self-Sufficient Gardener
by John Seymour
3. Barnyard
In Your BackYard
by Gail Damerow
4. Cookin’
With Home Storage
by Peggy Layton
5. Emergency
Food Storage & Survival Handbook
by Peggy Layton
6. Putting
Food By
Fourth Edition by Beatrice Vaughan
7. Survival
by Ragnar Benson
8. Where
There Is No Doctor
by David Werner
9. Nuclear
War Survival Skills
by Cresson H. Kearny
10. Primitive
Wilderness Living & Survival Skills
by John & Geri
11. Boston’s
Gun Bible
by Boston T. Party
12. The
Forager’s Harvest
by Samuel Thayer

Please keep
sending emails, asking questions and giving advice – I would
love to hear from you, but if you’re asking for book recommendations
you are likely to receive a link to this post, since these books
are given my highest recommendation and are nearly a complete survival
library within themselves.

What have I
left out? I’m sure you have other “must have” survival
books on your list, please share your recommendations in the comments

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17, 2010

Creekmore [send
him mail
] is a full-time blogger and preparedness consultant.
He currently lives completely off-grid somewhere in the Appalachian
mountains and is currently working on his upcoming book The
Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat for Paladin Press. To connect with
M.D. Creekmore please visit his Survival

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