Encryption Works!

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If you use
a technology called "encryption" properly, not even the
government can read the information on your computer.

With encryption
software, no one but you and your intended recipient can read your
e-mail messages, text messages, instant messages, etc. You can even
encrypt your entire hard disk to protect everything on your PC from
prying eyes.

I encounter naysayers who tell me I’m wrong. "The FBI, CIA,
or NSA can unlock any type of encryption," they say. "Relying
on encryption just raises your profile."

I’m not a computer
expert, and I certainly don’t know what capabilities the FBI and
U.S. intelligence agencies have to decrypt encrypted information.
But in at least one case, even the FBI couldn’t decipher data on
a PC protected by an encryption program called "TrueCrypt."

In July 2008,
Brazilian federal police seized a computer owned by a banker named
Daniel Dantas. The seizure occurred in connection with Dantas’ arrest
for money laundering, tax evasion and racketeering.

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7, 2010

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