Basic Emergency Car Kit

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If you are
like most Americans you spend a large portion of your time in your
vehicle. So it only makes sense to keep your vehicle well maintained
and ensure it has the necessary equipment to help you in a disaster
or emergency. I have spoken with numerous people who proclaim that
tools and basic equipment are quite unnecessary in this day and
age because they have AAA or some type of roadside assistance. All
these programs are great and I have them myself, but the problem
lies in that fact, that in an extraordinary event these services
will not be able to assist you. As an example, some members of my
family left the Houston area on I-45 and headed north towards Dallas
to escape Hurricane Ike back in 2008. This trip typical takes around
3-4 hours; this time is took 24 hrs! See below.

Can you imagine
breaking down in this mess without any equipment or tools on hand?
Your only hope would be the kindness of a Good Samaritan to render
you help.

Now that everyone
is on board, below is a “basic” list of items that should
be kept in your vehicle at all times.

• Jumper
• First Aid Kit
• Water
• Tools
• Duct Tape
• Oil
• Coolant

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9, 2010

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